On these rainy, summer days, I have been itching for something to do with the kids.  So this past rainy afternoon, we created an indoor camp site using a folding table, sheets, and our own campfires!

These adorable kids campfire crafts were super easy to create, making them the perfect time-saver for a quick activity with the kiddos!  And, you probably have most of these supplies just lying around your house.

Kids Campfire Craft



1. Cut the tissue paper into small squares.

Adding Tissue Paper

2. My kids love using the sticker maker, so they put the tissue paper through the Xyron 1.5″ sticker maker.  Then they attached the tissue paper to the clear, plastic cup.  For this project, you can also use glue, but you need to allow ample time for the glue to dry.

Making Wood

3. Once the clear, plastic cup is covered with tissue paper, cut strips of brown construction paper.  Cut three long strips for each cup you created.  Staple the construction paper together to create a star-like shape.  This will be used as the logs for the fire.

Stick and Cotton Ball

4. Taking your brown craft stick, add some glue to the tip of the stick.  Attach a cotton ball.  This is a marshmallow on a stick!

Tea Lights And Construction Paper

5. Once everything is dry, set the brown construction paper down.  Place the tea light on top of the center of the construction paper.  Place the plastic cup, face-down over the tea light.  Now you have a “campfire” with marshmallows to roast for your indoor campfire!

Adding Fire


This is such an easy craft to throw together on those rainy, summer days.  Plus, the kids love pretending that they are really camping!  We listen to outdoorsy noises on my phone and turn the lights really low.


So grab your tissue paper and clear, plastic cups and get to decorating your fire!

Kids Campfire Craft Tutorial