I decided to dive into this Whole30 thing rather quickly.  I didn’t realize how much planning there actually is to get things organized for your meals!  By day 3, I was super overwhelmed because I wasn’t as organized as I had hoped to be.  All I was doing was thinking about what I was going to make for my next meal, looking up recipes to make my next meal and cooking my next meal.  With all of that effort, there was little time to play with the kids!  I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided to really buckle down and get myself organized.

I started by creating a template for the meals I was going to eat.

Then I printed off a bunch of recipes I wanted to try and planned out what I was going to eat for all of my meals.  Boy, did that take FOREVER!

Then I made two grocery lists.  One for the beginning of the week and one for the end of the week since I never have luck keeping veggies fresh for a full week.  I found that it was easier to adjust the second grocery list once you know what leftovers you have around Wednesday.

Finally, I made a list of everything I needed to do to prep the night before.  I would cut up onions, get all of the ingredients together, even marinate the chicken the night before so I was not spending quality time with my kids prepping my food.

I decided to do a lot of food prep on Sunday by chopping up onions/celery/cauliflower/etc., making marinades and any other tedious project that might have to be done.  This way, I could focus more on making the meals then prepping!

All of the pre-planning has really helped keep me organized and enjoying my Whole30 experience.  I am starting to notice I have more energy and have a strong desire to work out!  I do not know what it is but I am starting to feel better and more productive as I move onto week 2 of my Whole30!