Anyone else have total outdoorsy kids?? Mine love to be outside, exploring nature… and collecting things. I wanted to encourage that by giving some order to their collections. So I created this preschool bug craft collection tins that they can use to collect nature!

They have made the perfect little trinkets for the kids to store small leaves, pine cones, and other nature items that were found on the ground. Plus they are magnetic, so they attach to a part of our swing set in the backyard.

How To Make A Preschool Bug Craft Collection Tin

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Step One

Using the Deep Red Stamps and Ink, cover the black paper with the insect stamps.

Optional Step: We embossed all the stamps because my kids love that! To emboss, cover the stamps with embossing powder. Then shake off the extra powder. Using an embossing gun, run it over the paper to create a textured effect to the insect stamps!

Step Two

Cut out circles using the 1.5″ hole puncher.

Step Three

Run each of the circles through the Xyron sticker maker.

Step Four

Adhere the stickers to the lids of the tins.

Step Five

Using the magnet tape, stick the magnet strip to the bottom side of the tin.

Step Six

Fill with nature items!

These preschool bug craft collection tins are absolutely perfect for storing all the nature that my kids collect. Now if your kids aren’t like mine and don’t just go off and collect stuff, then you can turn it into a game!


Print off this FREE nature game printable. Cut out each image. Laminate the board using your Xyron Creative Station with laminate refill. Cut out each image again. (I recommend doing this so the kids won’t destroy the game pieces while they are playing!!

Store all the game pieces in a baggie. Let each kid grab one card. Then they have to find that item and have it fit into the tin!

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