Happy Tea for Two Tuesday!  Didn’t know it was a holiday?  Me either, but apparently this is one wacky holiday for all you tea-loving fanatics. The premise of this holiday is for two or more people to enjoy a cup of tea together.  And, because there isn’t a national holiday for tea, today has been chosen.  I think it’s actually a really nice holiday for people to get together!

To celebrate this holiday, my daughter and I will be enjoying a play tea party.  And I thought it would super cute to create some paper tea cups to play with.  I have made similar tea cups for my daughter’s “Mad Hatter’s” themed birthday party, but they did not hold up well.  I played around with some techniques and tips to make the tea cups and saucers last longer, and have to say, they are holding up to a two-year-old!

Tea For Two Tuesday


  • Download this template from Red Ted Art
  • Cardstock
  • Xyron Tape Runner
  • Xyron 3″ Sticker Maker
  • Scissors

Tea Cups And Tulips


1. Cut out the template from Red Ted Art.

2. Trace the template on the back side of the cardstock.  Trace the flower-shaped piece twice, as I found it easier to attach using two of these pieces.  And, keep some scrap paper to use at the base of the saucer.

Cutting Out Tea Cup

3. Cut out the cardstock.

4. Take the rainbow-shaped piece of cardstock and add tape using the Xyron Tape Runner to one end of the cardstock.

5. Attach the other end of the cardstock on top of the taped side of the cardstock.

6. Cut around the top if needed to make it even.  This is the cup part of your tea cup.

7. Take the circle-shaped piece with the hole in the middle.  This is the saucer for the tea cup.

8. Using the Xyron Tape Runner, put tape on one of the top ends of the cardstock.

9. Attach the other end of the circle piece to the taped end.

10. Run the flower-shaped pieces through the Xyron 3″ Sticker Maker.

11. Taking one flower-shaped piece, remove it from the sticker paper.

12. Attach that piece to the base of the saucer.

13.  Using your scrap paper, stick that piece to the bottom of the saucer.  I used the inside of the circle-shaped piece I cut out to make the saucer.

14. Remove the second flower-shaped piece of cardstock from the sticker paper.

15. Attach that piece to the inside of the tea cup.

16. Place the tea cup on the saucer.

17. Taking a ruler or paper, line up the handle to create an even fold.

Folding Handlejpg

18. Use the Xyron Tape Runner on the two folded pieces.

19. Attach handle to one side of the tea cup.

20. Add any embellishments to your tea cups.

21. Enjoy your tea for two (or more) party!

Hand and Tea Cup

Tea Cup Tutorial

So grab colorful cardstock, your Xyron Tape Runner and 3″ Sticker Maker, and a pair of scissors.  Cut out the template and attach all the parts together.  Add any embellishments to your tea cups!  I love adding polka-dots or stamps to dress-up the tea cups.  Then, grab your friends and your favorite cup of tea and enjoy your Tea For Two Tuesday!

Tray With Tea Cups