Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up on May 4 through the 8, and I shared a few gift ideas with you last week.  As I said before, having been a teacher, my favorite gifts were always the ones that the students made!  I still have a picture that one of my second graders drew for me my very first year of teaching.  I also saved some incredibly sweet cards from parents and students, as that was the kind of pick-me-ups I would need on those rough days.  I had a drawer next to my desk where I kept inspiration to remind me in stay positive.  I kept notes from my kids and parents.  I kept artwork.  I kept some jokes and inspirational quotes.  I also kept some copies of homework completed by students that made me laugh.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas - Completed Canvas

So on the topic of inspiration, I thought I would share an idea of how your preschoolers could get involved in creating an inspirational and meaningful gift for their classroom teacher.

Start by grabbing a few pieces of artwork you child created.  I had Eli select the artwork he wanted to use.

 Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas - Preschool Artwork

Then get a giant hole puncher.  Eli wanted to use the heart hole puncher, because that is the only hole puncher that he hasn’t pinched his fingers in yet!  Then punch out the hearts on your child’s artwork.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas - Heart Hole Puncher

Taking Mod Podge, glue the hearts down on paint canvas or card stock paper.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas - Hearts On Canvas

Then cover the entire canvas or card stock with lots of Mod Podge.  Toddlers love covering things in glue, and it’s fun to peel off!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas - Brushing On Modge Podge

As we waited for the canvas to dry, I started searching for an inspirational quote to put onto the canvas.  Eli was way too distracted by all the Mod Podge that was on his fingers to care about the quote, so I picked one from my Pinterest board.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas - Hearts And Modge Podge On Canvas

When the Mod Podge dried, I glued the quote onto the canvas.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas - Close Up Canvas

I added some red Washi tape to the canvas to give it a little more color and to finish the edges.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas - Adding Washi Tape

And now we have a very inspirational and meaningful gift for Teacher Appreciation Week that is (mostly) toddler-friendly!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas