My girlfriend had a baby shower last year and I put together a really cute gift that included all of the essentials for a great bedtime routine.

I started by writing out a rhyme on each tag I attached to each item that I was including in the bedtime basket.  I numbered each tag so she would know what order to do them in as she got baby ready for bed.

baby shower gift idea

First, we would do a bath to get baby ready for bed, so I bought baby wash and tied the tag around the neck of the bottle.  Then I included a towel for after bath to get cozy and warm.  Lotion is the next tag I created, because we would always do lotion and diapers and jammies!

Then I had my son’s favorite bedtime book with the tag sticking out of the book like a bookmark.  We had my son in a Halo sleep sack until he was over two years old, so I swear by them!  I included a swaddle sleep sack because the velcro makes them the best for swaddling babies quickly.

Finally, I included a bottle of wine for the mama to enjoy once baby goes to bed!

baby shower gift idea