With the holidays approaching, I am starting to get presents together for our families.  While gathering gifts, I have found it much easier to give gift cards, as the kiddos in our families are growing up and their interests change rather quickly.  But I don’t want to give just a card with the gift card in the box.  That’s not fun!  I decided to make gift card boxes, so the kiddos can open a present, even if it is a gift card.

adorable ideas for wrapping gift cards in box

I started by gathering small boxes…mostly my kiddos’ shoe boxes.  Then, I took either wrapping paper duct tape and wrapped the box to look like a gift.

I put some decorated construction paper to the inside of the top of the box, which the kids ususally help create.  This hides the taping and folding that is needed for getting the paper to cover the box.

I add some tissue paper, gold coins or other decorative items into the box and place the gift card on top.

I added a bow to some of the boxes for the minimalists, while the kiddos who are into treasure/pirates, got the treasure box gift card box!

adorable ideas for wrapping gift cards in box