My little man’s first school holiday party is coming up and I am in charge of creating a crafty project for the class to make.  Since I was feeling in the spirit of the holidays, I decided to have the kiddos make snow globes.

I started by getting small mason jars, beads, food coloring, glitter, dreidels and my hot glue gun for this project.  Opening each mason jar, I took off the lid and separated the flat part of the lid from the screw part of the lid.  Using the flat part of the lid, I hot glued dreidels to the lid.

Once the glue dried, I filled the bottom of the jar with beads and glitter.  I used clear beads to make it look more like snow, but you can use colorful beads to give it some color if you’d prefer!

Then I filled the jar with water.  If you still want more color, add food coloring!

Finally, I placed the flat lid and screw lid on the jar.


Using the hot glue gun, I secured the lid to the jar.

Now we are ready for the holiday party!  Can’t wait to see how the kiddos do making these fun holiday snow globes!