Teaching toddlers how to paint with watercolors close up on toddler hand grasping paintbrush

I love doing art projects with the kids.  I know I am crazy because it always makes a huge mess, but it is so fun to watch them explore different mediums like paint, crayons, oil pastels, and colored pencils.  Sometimes I get bored with my usual supplies, so I decide to make some to keep me and the kiddos interested in the project.

Toddler painting wheel stamp with watercolor paint

When we create projects with water colors, I like to let the kiddos test out different things to paint with.  I have different size brushes and lots of stamps.  Whenever we use water colors with stamps, I have the kids either paint onto the stamp, or roll it through the paint.

Using a roller stamp dipped in watercolors to create artwork

I had a toilet paper roll sitting around, so I decided to turn it into a stamp, as we were getting bored with some of the usual stamps we have for water colors.  Taking some school glue, I created a triangle on the toilet paper roll.  Then, I took some yarn I had from making pom poms and laid the yarn over the shape.  I repeated this throughout the entire roll of toilet paper.  I let the toilet paper roll dry standing up.

Create a handmade stamp with toilet paper roll and hot glue shapes using ribbon or string

Once the roll was dry, we could use it as a stamp when we are using our water color paints.  I had the kids paint the roll with their brushes and roll it onto the paper.

Teaching toddlers how to create handmade stamps using watercolors to stamp

It was fun to get messy with the water colors.  Adleigh had a little too much fun, and decided to spill water everywhere.  This is why I always keep baby wipes and paper towels near us as we typically make a mess whenever we are playing with water colors!

Teaching toddlers how to clean up spill during painting

I am in need of more ideas for art projects for the kiddos!  What are some other projects you have done with your kiddos as art projects?  I’d love to hear!