I have been in need of a table to use for the little man’s room for a while.  We have a nightstand next to his crib, but I needed something to hold his books that we read at night.  I had an old end table laying around the house that I thought would be perfect for this project!


White end table placed in living room that is about to be transformed into a baseball table


Top of the white table that is going to be transformed into baseball table

I thought it would be fun to turn the table into a baseball.  So I started with sketching out the lines of the baseball.  Then using a Sharpie, I drew on the lines.  Finally, we sprayed the table to seal in the paint.

Draw black lines on the table at an angle to create the curves of the baseball then add red lines to create the stitching of a baseball


close up of the baseball table that was made with paint and Sharpie markers


finished table with lines to create a baseball top

And here is the final product!  It is the perfect spot for holding the books next to the glider!