I have always loved Valentine’s Day, even when I was teaching.  I always felt like it was such a happy holiday!  We use to share positive things about each other in class, we would make cards for others to express our gratitude, and we would all get along while playing games.  Now that the kids are getting older, we can celebrate the holidays and the kiddos actually are understanding the holidays!

For Eli’s class, I decided to start on creating Valentine’s cards because everywhere you look, everything is decked out for Valentine’s Day!

you make my heart swirl tag and craft

We aren’t doing candy this year so I decided to do something totally different, but still really fun!  Eli and I made sensory tubes using water and beads.

I purchased these test tubes from Steve Spangler Science.  They are less than $1 each!  You can also use water bottles.  Either way, hot glue to cap so the kiddos don’t pull it off and get the beads everywhere!

You can print off the cards on cardstock, cut them out, hole-punch and tie a ribbon around the tube.  Boom…Easy Valentine’s cards for the kiddos to share!

Click here to download the Valentine’s Card: Heart-Swirl-Valentine.pdf.  Be on the lookout for more fun Valentine’s ideas coming up over the next month!