Reflections from 2015
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Reflections on 2015

My reflections from 2015, which include everything that happened this year.  I share what my plans are for 2016 and how you can do the same!

With 2015 coming to a close, I find it a wonderful time to reflect on this past year.  Both the good and bad times, as they have helped me focus on what I really need in my life.  This past year I have branched out of my comfort zone on a few occasions. I have made some incredible friendships.  I have learned (the hard way) that I cannot and should not think I can do it all.  As a family, we decided not to move, but to renovate our current house.  I made resolutions that I stuck to, while other resolutions fell by the wayside.  As I sit here writing what I have learned from 2015, I also have to share how grateful I am for you.  You reading this blog, have kept me inspired.  Have held me accountable.  Have made me want to give you new and innovate ideas.  So thank you for reading, supporting, and spending your time with me!

So this past year, I attended the Inspired Retreat and grew so much from that experience.  I made the commitment to go on one date-night a month with Ben, and we accomplished that goal!  I completed an entire year in my Happiness Project Journal.  Every day for the entire year, I completed one sentence about something that made me happy for the day.  Some days were small things, while others were rather memorable moments.  This journal has changed my perspective on a lot of things that happened throughout the day.  I changed my daily outlook to focus on the positive.  Which, in turn, has changed my parenting and relationship with my husband.  But, I feel I fell short on connecting with my friends not living near me.  I made a resolution to stay in closer contact with friends living in other states, and did not do such a great job of that.  I also said I would exercise at least 4 times a week, but things got busy and I did not accomplish that goal either.

Now, looking ahead for 2016, there are some things I want to focus on in order to keep my time intentional.  To start, I decided to have a word for the year.  This year, my word is FOLLOW-THROUGH.  It counts as one word because there is a hyphen in it!  This whole idea actually happened when I was completing a goal-setting worksheet for creative people.  They are called Power Sheets and they are so helpful in goal-setting if you are more of a creative person!  The focus is to get your creative juices flowing while setting realistic, manageable goals for yourself.

So, I decided follow-through would be a fantastic word for me because all year I would say I would do something, take on too many projects, or promise to care of a task, but never complete said task. I would agree to help other people out who probably won’t do the same for me.  I would jump at any opportunity to write for some blog that I never even followed.  I would agree to projects that I didn’t have time for.  I would overly extend myself, even at the sake of quality time with my kids and family.   In 2016, I am going to only take on tasks that I can complete.  I have made the commitment to say no to more things that I don’t find inspiring, exciting, or helpful.  I am a people-pleaser by nature, so saying no will be a huge challenge, but I can do it.

I also decided that I need to make it a point to continue the once-a-month date nights with my husband.  We both looked forward to our monthly date-nights because we were able to have “grown-up” conversations, be away from the kids, and get to spend quality time together.  For us, if we don’t put the effort into something, it doesn’t take priority.  So this year, my goal is to continue our date nights.

To make sure I stick to my 2016 goals, I am writing them down and hanging them in my kitchen so I will see them daily.  I need this constant reminder that I made these commitments to myself.  I will say no to things that don’t fit into my life.  I will have a date-night once a month with Ben.  And I will follow-through on any task I say I can complete.  I also said I would work out once a week, because I feel better when I do.  And once a week is totally manageable for me right now!

Now it’s your turn.  What is your word for the year?  What are your New Years resolutions?  What do you want to change in 2016?  Share and we can support each other!

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