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25 Creative Ways To Repurpose Content

You wrote a blog post, but now what? Learn 25 ways you can repurpose content that are creative and completely manageable while running your online business.

Last month I started a new blog series about starting and growing an online business. (If you missed it, check it out here!) I chatted about some of the basics for starting an online business like getting your website up and running, figuring out who you are going to help, and how you are going to help them. This post is going to be all about how to help your target audience by repurposing your content to hit the masses! Because I am all about working smarter, not harder!

As you are building your online business and consumer base, your main goal is to provide value. What are you going to help your consumer with? Why should they trust you? Well, you are going to show them what you are helping with by showing them why they should trust you in the free content you create. I am going to use my blog as an example. I create free blog content where I write blog posts to help my audience with a need. In my case, it is all about organizing their home and their life. So one blog I have written is all about how to organize your closet without spending any money. This is a very popular blog post for me because it provides a lot of value to my ideal audience. So I have taken that one blog post and created tons of other content around that one blog post.

Now why would I do that, you may ask? Well, because different readers enjoy taking in information in different ways. And I am not continuously looking for new content to create. I can keep going with content on this one topic for a long time and in many different ways. So are we ready to work smarter, not harder??

For the purpose of this blog post, I am going to be using how to repurpose 1 blog post, but these suggestions can be used for videos, podcasts, and social media posts!

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25 Creative Ways To Repurpose Content

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1. Turn Blog Post Into Instagram Feed Posts

Now this may seem like an obvious one, but I want to share the best ways to do this! You can break up your blog post into small, bite-size pieces of content to post onto Instagram. We are going to use my organizing closet blog post as an example. In that post, I have 6 sub-categories, which happen to be the 6 steps that you can take to organize your closet. I can use those 6 steps and create 6 Instagram feed posts! That is huge when the Instagram algorithm wants you to post every day! I schedule my posts out using

2. Turn Into Instagram Stories

So this is just the video version for turning the blog post into an Instagram story! You are going to talk to the camera to share that bite-size piece of content via story. You can demo any ideas you are talking about or simply just talk to the camera about the topic. For the closet blog post, I shared small steps that I took to organize my own closet. Then I saved all those steps into my favorites so I can refer back to them any time!

3. Turn Into IGTV Video

Another easy way to repurpose content is to turn it into video form. I suggest starting by using your content as an outline to create the video. IGTV videos need to be formatted with 1080 x 1920 or holding your phone like you would to call someone. These dimensions are different than other videos as Facebook and YouTube need videos to be like a tv screen. You can film all the videos together and simply edit the dimensions, which is how I do it!

4. Turn Into Instagram Live

Another way to repurpose content is to turn that content into an Instagram Live. What I do to turn content into a live is start with using the content as the outline. Then I will edit what I put in the post so that it live audiences can follow. I can turn that one post into 5 or 6 different lives if I wanted to break it up as well! Then you can repurpose that content by saving the live and uploading into IGTV. It’s like double the fun!

5. Turn Into YouTube Video

Just like IGTV, you can turn your content into a YouTube video. YouTube is a great way to get your content to a wide array of viewers! Since Google and YouTube are besties, Google shares video content when people are searching for a topic you may have a video on. This is like double the fun for one single piece of content.

6. Turn Into A YouTube Live

YouTube also has the ability to do live streaming content. You can follow the same ideas you did for Instagram Lives to a YouTube Live. Use your content to create an outline. Then host your live around that outline. Don’t forget to redirect your viewers to your blog post so you can digest the information in another way!

7. Turn Into TikTok Video

One of my new favorite ways to repurpose content is to create TikTok videos around them. So I take a blog I just wrote, again we will use the organizing closet as an example. Then I can film myself clearing out all the clothing on fast motion and add some music to the video. I can shoot another video of my putting the clothing back into the closet in fast motion and add some music to that video. Then I can do a video where I voice over showcasing the closet once it is completed. From that one blog post, I created 3 TikTok videos that I can share over 3 days!

8. Turn Into Facebook Post

We are going to follow the same ideas for posting to Facebook. Now I know that you can just push your Instagram content to Facebook, but I would suggest stopping that. The reason being is that you may have followers on both those platforms. Why not share content on different days so they can see if multiple times instead of going from one app to the other to see the exact same thing on the exact same day?? I schedule all my Facebook posts through Facebook scheduler. It just makes things super easy.

9. Turn Into Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is the video program for Facebook. Now Facebook and YouTube are not friends, so sharing your video directly from YouTube to Facebook isn’t going to help you get your content out to help more people. So simply upload that video you made for YouTube directly to Facebook. But space out when you share the video so that more viewers will have time to take in your information. I share my YouTube video on a Wednesday. Then the following Monday I share on Facebook. This helps give more viewers the opportunity to view the video on different platforms. 

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21. Email Funnels

Just like email content, I do repurpose content when I am creating email funnels. Email funnels help guide the email subscriber to all you have to offer. I have a welcome email series so the new email subscriber can get to know me (and me get to know them)! In that series, I do take parts of content from blog posts to help them see the value of staying on my email list. Plus they get tons of organizing tips, which is a huge plus!

22. Help A Reporter Out 

Help A Reporter Out or HERO is a website where reporters post questions or are looking for people to contribute. I have repurposed content to send to reporters and have gotten content posted in newspapers and magazines. I am not recreating the wheel because I already had content they were asking for, I simply edited it to meet their needs!

23. Turn Into E-Book

Another way to repurpose content is to turn it into an e-book. I have done this with longer blog posts, like my post I created about where to donate items. It was a huge list that just kept growing, so I turned that blog post into an e-book. I sell that e-book in my shop and give it to my clients when I am working at in-home organizing jobs. 

24. Pull Quotes For Graphics

Over on my Instagram I like to pull quotes or topics and create graphics for my feed. You can easily do this for any social media platform. The reason being is that some people prefer to take in knowledge more visually. So reading quotes is how they learn new things. You can do this by copying a quote. Then pasting it into a program like Canva. Then schedule that post to your social media!

25. Use Content To Create More Content

So this one might seem random to put at the end of our list, but hear me out. So you created this incredible piece of content to help your audience. But you know you can expand on that content. So use that original piece to create more content around those ideas. For example, the post I created about organizing your closet without spending any money. Well, I could create another post on my favorite products to use in a closet. That post could be an affiliate linking post that I could use to help generate income. Then I could create a post about organizing kids closets. I could write another post about walk-in closets. And another one on shared closets. The idea from the first post is the exact same for each type of closet, but I am targeting different audiences who may have a different type of closet or who are looking for different ways to organize. Because of that one post, I can create more posts that will help more people!

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We covered a lot of ways you can repurpose content. But don’t get overwhelmed. Not every way of repurposing content is right for every piece of content you put out. Take a few of these suggestions and use them on your content. Then try different ways on the next piece. You will quickly learn what is resonating with your audience so you know what to keep doing in the future!

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