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Saturday Thoughts

This week The Organized Mama is sharing her thoughts from the week, favorite finds, and the best stuff from bloggers this week!

Random thoughts on this sunny Saturday…

  1. I have been feeling really unmotivated to do things this past week. Maybe it is because it is supposed to feel like spring. I am not sure. So I have been looking for ways to stay motivated. That is what I am sharing this week. Because I think we could all use some inspiration on that, right??
  2. When it comes to motivation, mine totally ebbs and flows with the weather. I am thinking about getting one of those sun lights to test out. Hoping it will help!
  3. If you have sentimental items taking over your home, then this week’s video and blog are for you! I create sentimental storage boxes for each family member and I am breaking down how you can create them for your family. You can read about it here or watch it here.
  4. I also shared How To Create A Dream Closet On A BudgetHow To Get Rid Of Garage Clutter ForeverHow To Create An Office In Small Space, and Space Design Ideas To Maximize Organization In Your Home.
  5. The Organized Kids shared Girls and Boys Bathroom Ideas and Kids Art Supply Storage Ideas.

And now?

Let’s see what fun stuff I found this week!

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I love these tips on how to stay motivated when you are in “the suck”. The suck is basically when you have no motivation to do anything. 

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These tips on what to do when you are feeling lazy are some great ideas! I already start my day with motivation, but I am going to try planning my day in the P.M. 

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And these tips for making exercising a habit is perfect for my motivation right now!


  • These productivity tips area also super helpful!
  • I have been trying to time-block and I found this post super helpful on creating effective time-blocking tips.
  • The Day Designer Planner has been helpful in the time-blocking schedule as well. I will be planning my day and writing it down in the planner every night!
  • If you are looking for a spring cleaning challenge, I am hosting a free declutter for spring challenge! You can join here!
  • We just bought this book called A Kids’ Book About Empathy and I love how it teaches kids how to think of others. Highly recommended!
  • Williams Sonoma shared my TikTok video of my favorite knife holder! You can watch the video here.
  • And the knife holder is here.


Since we are all about motivation this week, I wanted to share my favorite Instagram account for the best motivation daily! You can find it here!

Happy Saturday To You


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