Random thoughts on this snowy + cold Saturday…

  1. I am ready for spring. I am not a fan of the cold. Still wondering why I am living in the Midwest when I should be living in a warm state like California or Arizona.
  2. We had an amazing week on the blog! The brand new series, Recreate It went live, along with how to find time to organize. And I shared my favorite label makers.
  3. I am a huge fan of my meal delivery service. Long story short, I now cannot eat eggs in addition to gluten. So I have gone vegan-ish. The “ish” is because I will eat dairy occasionally. And fish sometimes. But I can’t do eggs so it is easier finding vegan meals. But when all the ingredients are sent to you, it is just so much easier!
  4. We have been playing some games at night but I am looking for new ones to try. Our go-to games include Uno, Uno Flip, Qwirkle, and Sequence. But I am always looking for new games to play.
  5. Book writing has been going. Apparently I have a lot to say about organizing a home with a family. Who would have thought?!?!? I am hoping to have the entire first draft written by the end of the month. That means we can start on the best part…editing!

And now?

Let’s see what fun stuff I found this week!

The cutest candy vase tutorials from Kingston Home.

I am loving how easy these are to recreate!

This decanting post and video from Abby is my absolute favorite. 

I love decanting all my things because I appreciate being able to see it all!

These tips from Rachel + Co are perfect for organizing a linen closet.

Complete with her favorite products, because I want to know how to recreate this space too!

I am loving how At Charlotte’s House transformed her son’s bedroom using blue paint. 

The color is just so calming.


I am loving this cozy sweater that I have been living in all week from Amazon.

This podcast for kids + moms just the perfect to listen to with kids!

I love this video for how to set up a cheese board by a kiddo!

These are the best holders for paper clutter.

I never realized I had such an affinity for scissors as I do for this pair. They open boxes like they were butter!

Love this new show on Magnolia Network called HomeGrown about urban gardening.

I am now obsessed with these cauliflower tacos

Since we have been living outside, I decided to do the 1,000 hours outside with my kids. We just hit our first hundred hours!

My 1Thrive command center has been the biggest help as things around here start to look more “normal” than they did a few months ago (wahoo)!

My neighbor created a similar concoction that was absolutely delish! It is a port wine toddy and it is the best on cold days.

These adorable Valentine Gnome patterns are the cutest!

I am loving my TomBow TwinTone pens to use in my planner! The colors are spectacular.


With everyone binge-watching shows, I have found a few new-to-us favorites! We have been loving Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, The Queen’s Gambit (wasn’t expecting to like it), and Blown Away (glass blowing competition that I am fascinated with)!

Happy Saturday To You


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