Those special and cherished items can be decluttered!

If you hate clutter, but can't get rid of it, the Sentimental Clutter Workbook is the one for you!


Don't keep struggling--it's time to get your home decluttered once and for all!  


Written by an experienced organizer who has decluttered hundreds of homes, my proven method will work for everyone--even those with the most difficult clutter challenges.


Get the tools you need to decide if you are keeping an item out of guilt or if you truly love an item.

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Clutter simply means items that you no longer find useful or special.

While I wish I could wave a magic wand and make all your unwanted sentimental items cleared out, I don’t have that kind of magic.

But, what I do have, is tools you can use to decide which items are worth keeping.

The Workbook For Decluttering Sentimental Items is your 38-page guide to doing just that.

The workbook is broken down into the following sections:

  • What are sentimental items?
  • How to declutter and organize sentimental items
  • Guiding questions to ask as you declutter
  • How to store items
  • How to display items
  • Tips for creating memory boxes
  • Dealing with other people’s sentimental items
  • How to set boundaries with family
  • Checklists to keep you focused on the task at hand

Did you know...

... you will gain confidence to decide which items are worth saving. You have tools to decide which items you are going to showcase and display around your house, and how to store items you want to keep. And you will gave knowledge for setting boundaries with what items come into your house, how you can declutter items that you don’t find special but someone else does, and examples of things to say to family regarding those items.

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