Family Tidying Guidebook


Feel like you are nagging everyone in your family to tidy up? Sick of doing it all alone?

The Family Tidying Guidebook was created to support you and your family to share the workload. Instead of feeling like you have to do all the work, divide up the chores, set accountability, create deadlines while setting expectations for everyone.

Learn how to do this with any age kids in the Family Tidying Guidebook.

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Do you feel like the only one in your family who is organizing and tidying? Are you ready to take action but no one is helping you? Do you find your house has turned into a dumping ground with no clear rules that others are following?

It can be really frustrating when no one in your family is helping you organize and declutter their things. It can be really infuriating when no one in your family keeps up with organizing systems you created in your home. And it can be really difficult trying to find a way to get everyone on board with organizing your home.

But where do you start when it comes to getting them to help?

The Family Tidying Guidebook was created to help you get your entire family on board with organizing, decluttering, and keeping your home tidy by setting expectations everyone can follow…no matter their age!

Instead of nagging, set deadlines.

Instead of doing all the work, divide the chores.

Instead of holding your feeling in, share with your family.

The Family Tidying Guidebook breaks down all the ways you can set deadlines, divide chores, share your feeling with your family, hold family members accountable for their tasks, and more.

Learn effective methods for setting expectations, creating chores with deadlines, holding family meetings, and setting natural consequences.

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