Expectations And Chores Planner


Keeping your home tidy and organized doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders. The entire family can help. And that is what the Expectations and Chores Guidebook will do! Inside the Expectations and Chores Guidebook, you get 12 pages to help you create rules, expectations, and chores for the entire family, for every single room of your home.

Think about it. When your kids are in school, they have rules posted in every classroom they go into. So why not do the same in your home?

The Expectations and Chores Guidebook starts with the basics for how to decide what is an expectation and what is a chore. Then it goes into creating those by writing them down for each room of the house.

The Expectations and Chores Guidebook is the missing piece to keeping your home organized. When you create expectations for each room of the house, the kids understand the rules you have around your home. These could be things like picking up toys after you play or putting dishes by the sink. Because you set the rules, you can add chores you want the children to do around your home. These can be things like taking out the trash or walking the dog.

By creating a plan for your home, you and your family are going to be less overwhelmed. Which is where this guidebook will help. Inside the guidebook you will get how to set expectations, printables to write your expectations for each room of the house, and chore charts to use.

Included in this bundle:

  • Setting Expectations Guidebook
  • Household Expectation Printables
  • Chore Charts
  • Clean Up Checklist
  • And more!

For personal use only. Due to the digital nature of this product, we do not offer a refund.


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