Playroom Setup Bundle


If toys are taking over, you need to take action. But where do you start? By adding the Playroom Setup Bundle into your cart. This bundle includes playroom design layouts for optimal organizing of toys. Step-by-step tutorials, room layouts, and shopping lists are included. Plus a bonus of the Guide to Tackling Toy Clutter is included with purchase.


Do you find the amount of toys in your house are getting out of control? Is there any sort of plan for where toys are stored? Can your kids find toys they want without tearing apart your entire home?

Stop the stress, and start getting organized with a plan that truly works.

The Playroom Setup Bundle is the plan you need to tackle the toy clutter, and stop the overwhelm.

Included in the Playroom Setup Bundle are the Playroom Organizing + Design Plans. These plans have been used with thousands of families to take back control of their homes by removing toy clutter, setting up play spaces that will grow with their children, and teaching the kids how to keep their spaces organized.

Toy organizing and best practices are broken down into actionable steps you can do in your own home. 

Plus you get three different room setups, shopping lists, and a breakdown how to create each play room set up depending on how your room is laid out.

And as an added bonus, you get the Guide To Tackling Toy Clutter!

This guide breaks down effective ways to take back control of the toys in your house by assessing what is and isn’t working. Decluttering strategies are broken down so you can take action on removing toys the kids’ don’t play with any longer. Toy categories are listed, along with ways to store the toys so the kids’ can take ownership of their stuff. 

And the guide also includes games to play to teach your kids how to clean up and use the organizing systems you created. When you spend that extra few minutes teaching your kids how to use the bins, you are instilling order in your home. Because the kids’ understand how to work in the space. It is just like what the teachers do at school!

So stop the stress and get the toys organized for good!

For personal use only. Due to the digital nature of this product, we will not be offering refunds. See our return policy for more information.


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