Project Board Planner


Are you looking to get your business organized? Then you totally need to set up a project board.

A project board is a board that keeps all your projects together. Now if you aren’t tech savvy and prefer paper and pencil planning, this planner is for you! Use the project board plans to create a fancy acrylic planner or grab a poster board to make your project planner because both plans are included along with tons of labels and tutorials for using your project board to be productive.


Do you find yourself struggling to keep things organized in your business? Do you have too many projects going on at once? Is your desk covered in Post-It notes with ideas and concepts you want to put into action?

Then the Project Board Plan is your lifeline.

This planner walks you through how to create a project board to get you organized with systems you have in your business. This is perfect for bloggers, professional organizers, content creators, interior designers, influencers, and anyone who works with clients.

Once you understand how to create systems, the Project Board Plan gives you two ways to create your project board. Either using acrylic or using poster board. Both options have step-by-step tutorials. 

Deciding on what categories to add to your project board are listed. Over 35 categories are included that may benefit your project planning purposes.

And an added bonus of over 35 labels in two types of font are included in the Project Board Plans. Along with a full tutorial on how to create sticker labels using the included labels.

Stop collecting piles of Post-It notes and create a project board with a flow and system to keep things streamlined!

For personal use only. Due to the digital nature of this product, we will not be offering refunds. See our return policy for more information.


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