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Using Social Media To Leverage Your Business

Social media is a powerful tool. It can help you grow a brand new business. But it can also be a giant pain-point. Figuring out the right tools to use to leverage your business on social media has been something I have been “studying”, if you will, over the past 8 years. So I have…

Social media is a powerful tool. It can help you grow a brand new business. But it can also be a giant pain-point. Figuring out the right tools to use to leverage your business on social media has been something I have been “studying”, if you will, over the past 8 years. So I have learned a thing or two about how to use social media to leverage your business so you can make more sales without feeling cheesy!

When I started my professional organizing business, using social media to share your stuff was relatively new. Bloggers and celebrities were using it to show what they were using or writing about. But there wasn’t a huge emphasis on using Instagram or Facebook for marketing a small business yet. 

Over the years, I have seen a huge change. More and more small businesses are starting solely on social media to build a following. Then they create websites and shops. And while I understand that they don’t want to invest in some of the more techy pieces of running on online business, I think it is a misstep to not start with a website first. 

Why Start With A Website

While social media is great for building a following, it is not your website. Your website is 100% yours. It is not controlled by an outside force like social media is. So if there is an algorithm change, your website is not affected like your social media feeds. 

If you truly want to leverage social media to grow your business, you need to direct people to your website. Not your Instagram feed. The website is going to be how they connect with you. Your website makes you look like a real business. Your Instagram feed makes you look like an influencer. So if you want to build a business, then you need a website.

How To Stop Thinking About Social Media As Mindless Scrolling

But just because you have a website doesn’t mean that you should not continue to use social media. You just need a strategy behind using it. 

Social media is a powerful marketing tool. Instead of just posting whenever you feel like it, you need to create a schedule. After all, you are running a business and not a personal page, right?!?!

So we need to change how we approach social media. Social media is a way for you to connect with a “cold audience” and keep your “warm audience” engaged.

A “cold audience” are people who have never heard of you. A “warm audience” is an audience that has seen or heard of you before. 

Both of these audiences are important, but you need different strategies to reach them. The “warm audience” is the group that has either seen you or already follows you. They know you. So you want to keep that relationship going. You want to continue to share tips or educational posts to teach your audience something. Keep them coming back because they know you offer quality content. And you can sell your services to them since they already know your work. They know what you provide and they trust you.

Your “cold audience” needs to be welcomed in. They need to get to know you. So you need to do introduction posts more frequently so they can virtually meet you on your feeds. And you want to show them that you are an expert in your field by sharing educational posts. 

So using strategy behind posting will help you create a business that people trust!

Using Social Media To Leverage Your Business

So how do you actually use social media like this? It takes a lot work! Social media is not a post and leave type of marketing plan. You have to build relationships. Right now, experts say that a new customer needs to see your product at least 8 times before they will buy from you.

So if you are using social media for marketing purposes, you need to get the customer to see your product or service at least 8 times before they invest. For service-based businesses like organizers, that means that a new client may need to see your work in a pantry 8 times before they contact you. So you need to be really thoughtful about how you post on social media.

I have a marketing plan that I follow and have it included in the Complete Professional Organizers Blueprint

The plan I follow includes introductory posts, reels, educational posts, and asking-for-the-sale posts.

I also schedule out my posts. Each week I plan out my posts and schedule them so I don’t have to also think about what time is best for posting. I use a program called Later. Later predicts when the best time to post based on your online audience. This helps me continue to do the things I enjoy while using social media to get me more clients!

So now you can start by creating a plan for your social media. Get an idea of the types of people that would be your ideal customer. Schedule out your posts. And get my Complete Professional Organizer’s Blueprint to keep you on track with your social media planning!

the complete pro organizers blueprint on computer and ipads

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