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Spring Cleaning Update…Cleaning The Kids Closets

Check out what I did in organizing and cleaning the kids closets.

As I have been pounding away at my spring cleaning checklist, I decided it was time to tackle the kids closets.  They really weren’t that bad, but they just needed a sprucing up to make finding things more efficient.  I started with the little man’s room.  His closet has one side with built-in shelves and the other for hanging items.  Since I don’t hang any of his clothes (mostly because I forget they are there), I have been using that side to store extra clothes that don’t fit him right now.
I decided to start with the shelf side.  I cleared off all of the shelves and sorted the items that go together (i.e. diapers, wipes, butt paste, toys).  I started at the top and worked my way down.  I put all the diapers on the top shelf, all the wipes, butt paste on the next highest shelf and use the remaining shelves for toys.  This is easily accessible to the little man as he can reach the shelves I placed the toys on.
Cleaning The Kids Closets
Then I took out the extra hangers on the hanging side of his closet and was done with organizing that!  On the top shelf of the closet I have books that the little man isn’t ready to read yet but still want them out in case he has the attention span that lasts longer than 2 minutes!
Cleaning The Kids Closets

Then I went to the little lady’s closet to get that all organized.  This one is much more tricky because we have some furniture in her closet since she does not have the built-in shelves.  Again, I don’t hang any of her clothes because I will totally forget they are there, so I am using the hanging side to store her extra clothes that she doesn’t fit into yet.  I also have some baby carriers and high chair covers in her closet that I have hanging on hangers along with the pack’n’play.

We also have the bassinet that she slept in on the top shelf of her closet.  Once I sell that, I plan to use that space to hold more books (yes I have THAT many books.  I was a teacher, what can I say!)

Cleaning The Kids Closets
The bins are broken up by age of clothes (i.e. 9 month, 12 month)

The side with the furniture in it is not the easiest to get to, so we decided to move the dresser to make it easier to get to.

Cleaning The Kids Closets

In the dresser, I have burp rags, blankets, sheets, mattress pads, shoes that are too big at the moment, hats and bibs.  I decided to put the most used items (sheets, mattress pads and extra burp rags) in the top drawers and the items we don’t use as frequently (extra blankets, shoes, hats and bibs) in the bottom drawers.

Cleaning The Kids Closets
Cleaning The Kids Closets
Cleaning The Kids Closets

I have to put the little lady’s chair near the glider with a basket of books took keep the little man occupied while I feed and put the little princess to sleep.

Cleaning The Kids Closets What are some ways you get your kids closets organized?
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