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Where To Start With A Kitchen Remodel

Can I tell you how happy I am that we got drawings of what our new kitchen will look like?!?!?!?!  I’m like super excited, if you couldn’t tell from all the exclamation points! Let me back up.  Last spring, after four failed attempts of making offers on houses, we decided just to renovate our kitchen. …

Can I tell you how happy I am that we got drawings of what our new kitchen will look like?!?!?!?!  I’m like super excited, if you couldn’t tell from all the exclamation points!

Let me back up.  Last spring, after four failed attempts of making offers on houses, we decided just to renovate our kitchen.  This turned into renovating our entire first floor, plus some.  Like windows.  And doors.  And adding a porch to the front of the house.  You know, what you usually add on when renovating a kitchen.

So, we have been planning and idea hunting and discussing this for almost a year now, and I am so ready to get the kitchen completed.

Kitchen Remodel

After all this planning, I can say that when we went to the store, I picked everything out within 30 minutes.  Boom…done.  We’ve had to make a few tweaks based on price, but it was the easiest thing to figure out because I knew what I wanted our kitchen to look like.

So I am sharing how you can get started if you are planning a kitchen remodel.  And it really can be fun, easy, and painless if you follow these simple steps BEFORE you go to the store and start looking at things.

1. Get Inspiration

595b24462d2db72a16f939c4319db0e3Image Via HGTV Fixxer Upper

Create a special Pinterest board just for interior inspiration.  Only pin to that board with images that truly speak to you.  Write what you love about that image you pinned.  This will get you really honing in on your style.

My husband and I started a board on Pinterest with pins that really spoke to us.  We discussed what we loved (and  channeled our inner Chip and Joanna Gains).  We made sure to only post in that were the colors, styles, and images that we wanted to create in our kitchen.

I also found magazines with images I loved.  I tore out the images and created a poster board.

By getting really specific about what you love, you will be able to better identify your style.

2. Know Your Style

x8mJF843YrGxImage Via Young At Heart

This is huge when picking out anything for your home.  Know your style.  Give it a name.  Even if it’s not a thing, make it YOUR thing.  Only look at things that are your style.  Don’t get sucked into anyone else’s style before you go to the store to start shopping.

I knew exactly what I loved.  We wanted grey cabinets.  I wanted rounded shaker cabinets because they feel so inviting and timeless.  I wanted to create a welcoming place to gather in our home.  And I love contrast.  Whites and darks mixed together is my jam.

I also encourage you to make at least one space in your home similar to what you are looking for when you remodel.  I decided to turn our bedroom into the cozy and inviting atmosphere that I want our kitchen to feel like.  The walls in our master bedroom are dark gray, which is similar to the dark gray cabinets we are doing.  We have white furniture, which will be similar to the tile and paint that I want in the rest of the kitchen.

This is very helpful in getting the desired style you are looking for.  Own it and make your home fit your style!

3. Meet With Someone

Kitchen DesignOur Kitchen Design

So you should know your style inside and out.  You have a name for it.  You can envision what it will look like in your space.  Now you can start to go look at actual kitchen cabinets, sinks, tiles,etc.  But, as you are looking, just because something is pretty, doesn’t mean that you need it in your kitchen.

I was nervous I would get caught in this trap when we were shopping.  But, I knew exactly what I loved, so instead of just shopping, we set up an appointment to meet with someone.  This helped because I could describe exactly what I was looking for.  The sales woman got my style rather quickly and only showed us things that I had described.

I was able to touch and feel the cabinets and faucets and sinks.  I needed to see if they were exactly as I had envisioned.  This was rather helpful in knowing exactly what I wanted and if it would work.

4. It’s Ok To Say No

Kitchen Design IslandIsland Design

But, just because someone might show you something, doesn’t mean you need to say yes.  If something doesn’t feel right or not totally your style.  Change it.  You aren’t being difficult.

I have a hard time saying no because I am a total people-pleaser.  I have gotten better, and, by knowing exactly what my style is, I don’t feel as guilty about saying no to something.

I was shown a faucet that was a little too modern for my taste.  So, when I expressed that to the sales woman, she brought me to a more traditional faucet that was totally my style.  The faucet she showed was pretty, but wasn’t the look I wanted.  By knowing my style, I was able to say no without feeling guilty.

5. Tweak As Needed

white-kitchen-wood-range-hoodImage Via The Lily Pad Cottage

Once you get the drawings of what everything looks like in your space, let those drawing live in the space for a bit.  Can you envision everything in that space?  Is something not sitting right with you?  Would you rather move a cabinet to a drawer?

Tweak what you don’t think is working in the space.  We were having trouble figuring out where to put the dishwasher (either to the left or right of the sink, which is in the island).  After physically acting out unloading the dishwasher in the space that the new dishwasher will be, I am confident that by putting it on the right of the sink is best for our needs.

So if you are about to take on a kitchen remodel, start by getting a ton of inspiration.  Once you have consistently found inspiration, name your style.  Know your style and turn room(s) into what you envision your new kitchen to look like.  Then, meet with someone and totally describe and show them your style.  If something doesn’t feel right, say no and tweak as needed.

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2 thoughts on “Where To Start With A Kitchen Remodel”

  1. Super great tips to start a kitchen remodel, Jessica!!! I kind of love your current kitchen though, lol! That would probably be my remodel! But I see your vision and it is gorgeous!!! Looking forward to continued inspiration from you as you and your hubby progress!!!

    1. Thanks Linsey!! I love our kitchen, just not the function of it! The cabinets are smaller than normal so our dishes don’t fit in. And we have two drawers in the entire kitchen. Four corner cabinets and a dishwasher that cannot be attached to anything because the cabinets are open on both sides. I know I am complaining because we are lucky to have a nice looking kitchen, but I am so excited for this remodel and finally have my own “dream” kitchen!!

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