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14 Target Organizing Tools You Need

These 14 finds at Target are the perfect tools you need to organize your entire home. Just make sure you declutter your stuff first.

It is not shocking that I am a huge fan of Target. And organizing. So when I was walking through Target for some essentials, I discovered these gems and had to share. Now I do want to preface this post and say that you should only buy these organizing products AFTER you declutter. So go through your items and ask yourself if you use the item. If you do, keep it. If not, you can part with it. Then you can find organizing tools to help you stay organized! Because we don’t need to contain our clutter.

Y-Weave Bin

This bin is one of my favorite bins for organizing anything. They are super sturdy and come in a variety of sizes. So these are the perfect bins if you want to keep the same style of bins, just use different sizes. We have these bins in our playroom, mudroom, and bedrooms.

Seagrass Basket

I love large baskets for things like storing blankets. And this seagrass basket is the perfect mix of storage and decor. I like the size of this bin as it will fit in a corner so it doesn’t take up a lot of floor space in smaller areas of your home.

Divided Tote

This divided tote is my favorite product for holding all those hair products. Curling irons, flat irons, and blow dryers all fit nicely inside this tote. You can also use it to store tall products like hair spray and other haircare products. Or even store extra items under your sink or in a cabinet.

Round Trays

I love using trays to keep things contained but still easily accessible. I keep trays in different areas of my house for things like paper. And I also use trays to keep items that have to be out on the countertop contained. These trays can hold kitchen items that need to stay on the counter but can keep them contained. 

Woven Basket

I love this woven basket. It is perfect for using as an in-between clothes holder. An in-between clothes holder is just a specific space that you put your clothes that aren’t dirty but aren’t totally clean. It’s like the clothes you change into after work but didn’t wear them all day so they can be worn again. 

I have more laundry tips here where I go more in depth on the in-between clothes holder here.

Metal Baskets

Just like with in-between clothing, I also suggest having a few laundry baskets that are specifically for clean clothes. And these metal baskets are perfect. 

I like having two separate laundry baskets, one for clean clothes and one for dirty clothes. The reason why is because if you don’t get to putting away your clean clothes right away, you can still have a spot for dirty clothes. And that spot is not on the floor.

Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are the best thing for keeping your pantry organized. Because you can see into the baskets, you are less likely to forget something is in the basket. Which is why I love the wire baskets. And they look pretty too!

Clear Bins

Now not everyone loves the look of wire bins, so these clear bins are a great option as well. Perfect for your pantry or bathroom to hold items you want to be able to see but still keep them contained.

Fabric Bins

Fabric bins are my favorite in kids’ closets. We have these in my son’s closet for all his bedding. Since they are narrow but deep, they make the perfect spot for sheets to be stored in a smaller closet.

Freezer Organizers

If you have a pull-our freezer or deep freezer, these organizers are super helpful. They can keep things organized so you don’t end up piling all the food on top of each other. Plus they stack, so you can easily remove one organizer from another and get items that are stored underneath.

Glass Jars

Glass jars are the perfect way to add storage and decor to your space. These jars make perfect holders for things like coffee and tea. Place them on an open shelf and it will look beautiful.

Large Storage Bins

These bins are the best for creating memory boxes for each family member. They seal shut and can stack. Give each family member one of the storage bins and store their special items inside.

I have more tips for creating family memory boxes here.

Stackable Wood Bins

These bins are perfect for storing kids’ books! I love that they stack on top of each other as well.

If you have smaller kids, these wood bins would be perfect for holding toys or other items.

Ceramic Coffee Jar

Anything with a label may be my favorite product. And these ceramic jars are perfect. This one is coffee, but they also have flour, sugar, and tea.

Target Finds For Organizing

These are just some of my favorite finds for organizing your stuff at Target. 

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