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Want Your Kids' To Be Organize Kids Too?

The Organized Kids Academy is the only program of its kind where kids model organizing skills for other kids. With direct instruction videos for the kids and guided worksheets for you, everyone wins!

Get The Organized Kids Academy For $27

Did you know that your kids CAN learn how to organize?? 

It is a skill that can be taught, and that will serve the kids well throughout life.

Do you believe that kids as young as 2 can start cleaning up after themselves?? Yes, your kids can clean up, too!

Do you want to learn effective habits that will help you and your family remain organized throughout your entire home?

You can teach your kids how to be organized and teach them effective habits to stay organized!

Child hanging their own artwork to demonstrate kids organization #organizedkids

How Do Kids' Learn To Organize?

Kids learn best from their peers. When watching other kids do similar tasks, they are more likely to do them as well.

four year old sorting clothes in giant clothing pile looking for kids laundry

Why Do Kids Need Organizing Skills?

Human brains function better when things are in order. We quickly can process things and make logical connections to what we are learning. So when kids' spaces are disorganized, they aren't able to create those neurological connections because of the disorder. Teaching kids how to organize helps with that.

child putting away kids laundry in bin

How Young Is Too Young To Start?

No child is too young to learn basic organizing skills! Toddlers do best when they feel like they are contributing. So teach them how to fold. Older children do best when they are in control. So allow them to control how their space is organized.

Get Your Kids Organized With The Organized Kids Academy

Included you get access to 10 video tutorials, guides for the adult to support the organizing process, checklists to keep areas organized, and BINGO cards for keeping things organized in game-form!

The Organized Mama with coffee

Jessica Litman

- The Organized Mama

Learn from a professional organizer who is realistic about organizing! With over 9 years experience in organizing and 10 years as an educator, Jessica knows a thing or two about teaching how to organize so you can do it too!

See What Others Have To Say


"My kids loved watching yours tidy up! I think it really helped for them to see kids doing it instead of just me explaining."

Stephanie D., The Organized Kids Academy Alum

"My kids would always fight me to clean up their rooms. So I purchased The Organized Kids Academy to (hopefully) get them to clean. After the first few videos the kids watched, my kids were completely motivated to clean up because they saw other kids doing the exact thing they were suppose to do. These videos were a total game-changer in my house."

Laura, Organized Kids Academy Alum

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Organized Home Workbook

Want to organize alongside the kids? The Organizing Workbook is perfect for you! Organizing is broken down into rooms with checklists to keep you focused. No need to worry about what to do next because the workbook will guide you with tutorials, checklists, and trackers!