how to turn your old t-shirts into a canvas wall decor
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The Organized Mama Gets Crafty: T-Shirt Canvas

An easy tutorial for turning old t-shirts into canvas wall decor!

For the Hubby’s birthday, we decided not to spend too much on the gifts to each other.  I was trying to think of something creative to make him when I realized that he has so many old t-shirts that he never wears but just can’t throw away.  I have been meaning to put them on a canvas to hang in his “man cave” for a while, but just haven’t gotten around to it.  This would be the perfect project for his birthday!

how to turn your old t-shirts into canvas wall decor

He was gone last weekend on a golf trip, so I had the perfect opportunity to make these wonderful t-shirt canvases for him!

I started by gathering all of the materials I needed to complete the project.  I purchased 3 canvases at Michaels craft store.  I made sure to get the cheap canvas since I was not painting on them.  I had my husband’s shirts, a staple gun, sharp scissors, and I ended up using my fabric cutter as well.  Taking one of the t-shirts, I cut off the back so I could fit it on the canvas.

After laying the t-shirt over the canvas, I then pulled the t-shirt over the top of the canvas and put in one staple.  Using this one staple as an anchor for the t-shirt, I pulled the bottom of the t-shirt over the bottom of the canvas and put in one staple.  Make sure to pull the t-shirt really tight as they can be really stretchy!

I turned the canvas over to make sure the t-shirt was not bunching anywhere and proceeded to put one staple on the left and right side of the canvas before moving onto the corners.

With the corners, I laid the top of the t-shirt flat over the top of the canvas and folded the side of the t-shirt over the top part.  To secure this, I added a staple.  Any extra material I just cut off, but made sure to pull the sides really tight!

I continued this process with the remaining 3 corners.  Then went on to staple the remainder of the t-shirt to the canvas.  I made sure to pull the t-shirt really tight as I was stapling so there would be no bunching once I was completed.  I used a lot of staples because this shirt was really stretchy!  If I were to do it again with this same material, I would purchase iron-on batting like this to put on first to make it not so stretchy!

Once the t-shirt was really good and stapled to the canvas, I cut off the excess fabric with my sharp scissors.

And ta-da…the final product!

I repeated this process with two other shirts.  One was a thicker material making it much easier to secure and the other was a jersey that I needed to get stronger staples for!  My suggestion for making this a quick and easy project is to see how stretchy your material is before you start cutting.  If you have really stetchy material, then iron-on batting will be a time saver!  If you have really thick material, then making sure your staple gun can handle that thickness and get strong staples!

I am so happy with how they turned out and they look great hanging in the “man cave”!

how to turn your old t-shirts into a canvas wall decor


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