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Tips For Keeping The Linen Closet Organized

Tips For Keeping The Linen Closet Organized There are always places in our house that I wish would stay organized so I will never have to worry about them ever again.  The linen closet is not one of those spaces for me.  Because we order lots of things in bulk, I am constantly rearranging things…

Tips For Keeping The Linen Closet Organized

There are always places in our house that I wish would stay organized so I will never have to worry about them ever again.  The linen closet is not one of those spaces for me.  Because we order lots of things in bulk, I am constantly rearranging things within the linen closet to make sure everything fits, but having to constantly rearrange gets really annoying.  So I have figured out some ways to make keeping an ever-changing space semi-organized.

I have made sure to make our linen closet organized, and I am sharing my tips for how to do that, even when you buy things in bulk!

Linen Closet

1. Categorize Shelves

This one has been a huge time saver for me.  I assign each shelf a category, such as towels.  All of my towels will stay on that one shelf.  This way I can put beach towels behind my regular towels.  I can easily find them because I know all of my towels are on the same shelf.  I keep all of our toilet paper and Kleenex on the floor because we buy these in bulk and the amount can change so much.

By keeping this space available for these categories, I never have to rearrange everything in the closet just because I had some room when we were running low on Kleenex.

Some clients have had larger linen closets, so we have broken the shelves into two categories, such as one side bedding, and the other side towels.  This has worked due to the size of the linen closet.

2. Group Like Items Together

Now that all my shelves are categorized, I keep like-items together in bins that fit the items that will be stored within them.  For example, I have a large bin that stores all of our Q-Tips, cotton balls, and facial tissues.  I only keep these items in this bin as it makes finding these items quick and efficient.

As I shared before, only use bins to store items that go together and that fit the items that go together.  Don’t buy an over-sized bin and try to cram too many things into it.  Not only will it make it difficult to find, but the organizational system you created will go out the window!

3. Use The Door

Storing things on the inside of a door is an easy way to gain space for smaller items that might get lost in a big space or an easy way to use lost space in a small closet.  I keep our soaps, extra shampoos, conditioners, body wash, and other small items on the door of our linen closet.  This makes it easy to find without having to pull out a bin to find whatever it is we are looking for.

It is also a great place to put your medications.  Since you are not supposed to store medicine in a humid and warm environment, like your medicine cabinet, storing medicine in your linen closet is a perfect alternative!


4. Containers

I am kind of picky when it comes to containers.  I do not urge anyone to buy containers just to hold your stuff.  I think you need to be thoughtful about your containers.  I always suggest grouping things together, such as all first aid products.  Looking at the size of the items, I will find a container that will fit the first aid products.  Seeing as I do not have a lot of first aid products, I do not need a large container.  I would recommend clear containers so you can see everything that is on the inside of them.

When I organize linen closets for clients, I recommend buying clear bins for all of the items in the closet, making it easy to find what you needed and easy to throw something out at a quick glance.

I keep our hand towels and wash clothes in a container so things don’t get lost in the back of the linen closet.  I have found this is an easy way to keep smaller things contained in a larger space.  If you have a lot of hand towels or wash clothes, storing them in a bin, stacked similar to the KonMarie method, you will be able to find them quickly.

5. Labels

I am a huge fan of labeling.  I label everything.  I think this has helped in keeping specific items in specific locations making it easy to find what I am looking for.  I label shelves.  I do this to keep all the same things on one shelf.  I label bins.  I do this so I can find what I am looking for if it is in a contained bin.  I’ve shared some of my favorite ways to label here.

In keeping your bins and shelves labeled, you will be able to find everything you need quickly and easily.  And anyone in your family will be able to find whatever it is they are looking for because it is all labeled!

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Rearrange

If something doesn’t work for you, then rearrange it!  If you don’t like how one bin is working for you, then figure out another way that could work.  Keep trying until you find a system that works for you.  Make sure you are comfortable with your system and that it is easy to stick to, as this will give you the most reassurance that it is something you can stick to and keep!

Need More Inspiration?

To review, make sure you label everything in your linen closet.  Use the door to store smaller items and your medications.  Find containers that work with the size of the things you are trying to store, not the other way around!  Categorize your shelves and then store like-items together on the specific shelves.  And, finally, don’t be afraid to rearrange.  If something isn’t working, fix it so you can have a well-organized linen closet!

If you are still looking for more linen closet organizational help, check out my new YouTube channel where I will be sharing videos to help you get organized!

And, I’m giving away a FREE checklist and inventory list for you to use while you get your linen closet organized!  Just click here to get a copy of the checklist and inventory sent directly to your inbox!!


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