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An easy way of keeping babies entertained in the car with toys by linking them to the headrest of the seat and attaching their favorite toys!

Today we took a drive to the city to visit the my husband at work.  My son doesn’t like long car rides unless he has all of his toys in his lap.  This was going to be an interesting adventure.  It usually doesn’t take long to get to the city.  But if there’s traffic, it could take 2 hours to go 4 miles (I’m not joking)!

Babies Car Toys

At that point in his life, where throwing things on the floor or out of his car seat is hilarious, I needed a plan.  But it is not so hilarious when you’re in the car and can’t put the toys back in his car seat to entertain him. I needed to do something to keep him occupied for what could be a long drive.

How To Create Links To Hold Toys

I decided to get some links from Target and stick a bunch of toys on the links so they can’t go very far.  I connected the links to the poles of the headrests.  Then I put my son in the car seat.  I linked the links until they were at a stretch for his arms.  I added some of the toys that had links on them to create a way for him to entertain himself with his toys.

This really did the trick!  He loved chewing on the rings and toys, which we all know is a must for teething babies!

Toys In Car Baby
By attaching a few of his toys to two different toy links, he was able to entertain himself while I was able to get us downtown.  This trick really works wonders, and it is really easy to switch out toys that are attached to the links in the car.  I switch out his peacock, monkey, elephant, bee, crinkle toys, and butterfly frequently so he doesn’t get bored with the toys that are there.
Test this out with your baby for an easy way to entertain them during a long car ride!


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