I am beyond excited for my brother and sister-in-law as they just had a baby!  He is just precious and I can’t wait to spoil him!  His cousins are so excited to meet him, play with him, and teach him everything they know.  I just love seeing their excitement when we talk about the new baby.  We have read many books so they know what you can and cannot do when you meet a new baby.  Some of my favorite books about a new baby are The New Baby by Mercer Mayer, Daniel Tiger: The Baby Is Here, and The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby.  Since my daughter has never been around another baby, we needed to prep her on how to handle a new baby when she finally met her cousin.

I wanted to make a special gift basket just for my sister-in-law to enjoy when she has a few seconds of down time.  I know that every new mom doesn’t get a lot of down time, so by creating this gift basket, my hope is that she will enjoy some of these goodies to make herself feel more like herself again.  It took me a good few months to start to feel like myself after having my second.  Trying to get into the groove of things takes time, especially when you aren’t sleeping well and don’t do well on little sleep!

A Care Package For The New Mama

Thinking back to when I just had my son, I created a list of things that I needed right away.  I wanted a comfy robe to walk around the house in.  I needed water and tea all the time, so I thought a box of Mother’s Milk tea would be the perfect choice for this gift basket.  I didn’t really take very good care of myself in the hygiene department after my son was born, so I thought if I gave my sister-in-law some face scrubs, lotions, and wash, she might not have the same problem as I did.  Finally, I made my favorite gluten-free peanut butter balls, because those were the only things that I could stomach after my daughter was born.  Thank goodness for peanut butter being a protein or I might have withered away.

I had this cute galvanized tub lying around the house that I figured would make the perfect basket for my new mama care package.  I stuffed the bottom of the basket with some tissue paper to act as a filler.

A Care Package For The New Mama

I took some colorful twine to wrap around each of the gifts that goes along with the specific tag.  I created gift tags to go along with each of the gifts in a little poem form.  Click here to print them off and use them to create your own new mama gift basket!  I rolled up the robe and put it in the tub first.  I had to move some of the tissue paper out of the way as the robe was a bit taller than I had thought.  Then, I started to fill the tub with all the goodies I had purchased for my sister-in-law.  I put the peanut-butter balls in last as I didn’t want them to get squished.

I also had a giant Tupperware full of the gluten-free peanut butter balls because it makes a ton, but I wanted to put a few in the tub just for the new mama.  I really like how everything can be included into one tub to present to her as a present.  I know my brother will probably eat the majority of the peanut butter balls I will bring in the Tupperware, so I wanted to make sure she had some that were just for her!

I made a card to go along with the gift basket with a personal note saying how I can totally relate to everything she is going through.  Being a new mom is challenging and you really need a community of friends and family to help you get back on your feet.

A Care Package For The New Mama

Once all the gifts were in the galvanized tub, along with the card, I am ready to go visit with my brother and sister-in-law, and snuggle with my new nephew.  Hopefully, my sister-in-law will take some time to enjoy herself with the items I put in the care package.  Now I can’t wait to give this to her and see that cute little peanut again!