Can you believe that Thanksgiving is on Thursday?!?!  I am in total shock that the holidays have just showed up out of no where!

So, instead of stressing out over what we are making for Thanksgiving dinner, since we are hosting, I decided to focus my attention on decorating my neighbor’s mantel for Christmas.  #priorities


The Xyron design team has paired up with Graphic45 and Petaloo for some incredible Christmas decor projects!  Since we don’t celebrate Christmas, I borrowed my neighbor’s mantel, tree, and decorations to get inspired for this craft!  And I have to say, being my first real Christmas project, I am really happy with how it turned out.


“MERRY” Wooden Letters Materials:



1. Grab a wooden letter and a piece of paper from the paper stack.  This paper is going to cover the entire letter, so decide on a design that will work well for covering the entire letter.

2. Lay the side of the paper you like facing the table.  Then, lay the wooden letter face down onto the paper.

3. Trace the letter onto the paper.

4. Cut out the paper.

5. Lay the paper over the letter to make sure it fits onto the wooden letter.

xyron-sticker-letter-m6. Run the paper through your Xyron Creative Station with the permanent adhesive refill.

7. Adhere the paper onto the wooden letter.

8. Repeat this process for the remaining letters.

9. Now we get to layer the letters with paper.  Start with one wooden letter.  Take a piece of paper that complements that letter and trace the letter onto the back side of that paper.

10. Lay the new traced letter over the wooden letter and start to rip the paper.  I have found to get a clean rip, you have to use both hands to slowly tear the paper so you can get the desired look you want.

11. Run the ripped paper through the Xyron Creative Station.


12. Adhere ripped paper over the background paper of the wooden letter.

13. Repeat for the remaining letters.

14. Using your Petaloo embellishments, attach them to the letters.  I attached the flowers using this method for creating double-sided dots.


15. Set on mantel or hang on your tree!


“CHRISTMAS” Tag Garland Materials:


1. Using the small paper stack and the solid colored side, cut out the letters for Christmas using your paper cutter machine.  Make sure you rotate the colors of the paper so you get a variety of colors on your garland.
2. Taking the stamps and red and green ink, stamp each of the tags.  I put an extra piece under the tag so that I was able to stamp off of the tag.

3. Then, run each of the letters through the Xyron Creative Station with the permanent adhesive refill.

4. Adhere each letter to a separate tag.

5. Cut the main ribbon to the desired size.  I cut mine to fit my neighbor’s mantel.
6. Then, cut 9 smaller pieces of ribbon to attach the tags to the main ribbon.
7. Put the smaller ribbon through the tag, the knot the tag and ribbon to the main ribbon.

8. Add Petaloo embellishments if desired.
9. Hang on mantel or on your tree!


Now, if you are loving these decorations, then you NEED to check out the GIVEWAY!!  Just leave a comment on the Graphic45 Facebook page OR their blog to be entered to win $150 worth of crafting goodies!!  And go check out the Petaloo Facebook page for tons of fun project ideas!


Now, back to planning our Thanksgiving menu!!  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!