Construction Themed Birthday Party

September 2014 Update: I received an amazing award for the best birthday from Birthday Express!  Go check out their page for amazing ideas and party supplies by clicking here!  Thank you so much Birthday Express for your acknowledgment of this party.

I just can’t believe that my little man turned two this past weekend.  It really seems like time flew by.  Looking back at his pictures, I am in shock by how much he’s changed, but really haven’t been able to see all the changes until I look back at pictures of him throughout the years.  So when planning his second birthday party, I knew I needed to do something special to celebrate two wondrous years with him in our lives.


Starting with a theme, we decided to do something with trucks, especially dump trucks, because the birthday boy is really into that right now.  I figured a construction themed birthday party would be a perfect theme to match his high energy and interest.  We decided out backyard was a great space for the party since the theme is construction and there is lots of space.  I decided to create a big construction site for the kids to play with along with destroying!

I took empty boxes and painted them to look like bricks and concrete cinder blocks.  The kids loved running into them and knocking them over!

Thinking about food, we wanted an easy meal that people could eat anywhere.  Bagels and cream cheese were the perfect way to go!  And we had to have some of the toddler favorites like applesauce and cheese sticks!  The ladies over at Love and Lion really helped me out with planning the perfect finishing touches to the party.  They designed the labels for the food, the tags on the cupcakes and the favors.

Since it was so hot, we decided to take out some little pools and a sprinkler to let the kids run through to cool them off.  Everyone loved playing in the water then running into the sandbox to play with the trucks!  All of the parents really loved having sandy kids when they left the party!

I’m just so glad that our little man enjoyed himself!  It was the perfect way to celebrate his birthday!

Happy Birthday Eli!

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