I love making paper gift boxes.  I think it adds a nice touch to any present or gift I am giving.  I also love making them for goodie bags for birthdays or events.  I have made these paper gift boxes to use for birthday party goodie bags, along with using them for a gift box when I give a gift card for graduations or birthdays.

These DIY paper gift boxes are really to make and can be thrown together just minutes before you have to leave for a party!  And yes, I have done that before!

Today for the Xyron Design Team, we have partnered with Simple Stories to create some wonderful paper crafts for you.  You can check out all the other inspiration from the other design members over on Pinterest!

DIY Paper Gift Box Tutorial




1. Take one piece of paper from the Simple Stories Heart Collection Kit and cut a rectangle that is roughly 9 inches by 6 inches.

Cut Paper

2. Then, taking a different piece of paper, cut a strip about 2 inches long.  I love using the collection kits because all the paper goes together, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right color!

3. This strip of paper is going to go on your rectangle paper in the middle of the paper.  To make the strip stick, use your Xyron Creative Station Lite with the 3 inch permanent refill to create a sticker.

Creative Station Lite

4. Place the sticker onto the middle of your rectangular paper.

5. In the Simple Stories Heart Collection Kit, there two pieces of scrapbooking paper that have sayings and note cards on them.  In the middle of the paper, there are some adorable small, squares with some designs or saying on them.   I am using those as the center design on my gift box.  Cut out the square designs.

6. Taking one of the square designs, run that through the Xyron Creative Station Lite machine.


7. Place the square design in the middle of the rectangular paper, over the strip of paper you have.

8. Add some stickers that come in the kit to frame the square design.

9. Using your Xyron Tape Runner, run the tape on one short edge and the bottom long edge of the rectangular paper.

10. Roll the rectangular paper over itself to form a cylinder.  Press firmly to make sure paper adheres to itself.

Rolling Paper

11. Then, flatten out the bottom of the cylinder and attach it together.  Make sure to press firmly.

Folding Bottom Of Gift Box

12. Using the stickers, add some fun embellishments to the paper gift box.

Single Gift Box

13. Repeat this process for as many gift boxes as you need!

Gift Boxes

14. Fill boxes with goodies to give away at a birthday party or event.

DIY Gift Boxes

I just love the paper combination from the Simple Stories Heart Collection Kit.  It makes things so much easier to just know that all the colors go together in whatever combination I create!

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