My life wouldn’t function if I didn’t use my paper planner on the daily. I have to write everything down, keep things organized by color, and check things off a to-do list. It is the only way I have felt organized. I just can’t do the digital calendars because I feel like things get lost in the technology.

When I am planning my week in my paper planner, I sometimes like to add some embellishments. And I have found that doodling and drawing help me focus. So I created some hand-drawn planner stickers that are incredible easy to add to any paper planner, plus can help you focus and plan out your week!!

How To Make Hand-Drawn Planner Stickers

Some links may contain affiliates. This project was completed as part of the Xyron Design Team and Derwent.



Step One

Using your craft pen, create a pattern going down your paper of the sketchpad. I went the short way for my planner stickers.

I made a few patterns of hearts, X, dots.

Step Two

Using the Derwent procolour pencils, color in the patterns you made on the sketchpad.

I used the pencils to do different shades of colors for the planner stickers.

Step Three

Cut out each strip you created using your scissors.

Step Four

Run each strip through the Xyron 3″ Disposable sticker maker. Make sure to rub the strips before removing the top layer.

Step Five

Add the planner stickers to your paper planner!

Now your week is looking pretty, while being super organized!! And for more projects using Derwent, check out the Xyron Facebook page!!

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