With Mother’s Day approaching, I wanted to have the kids make their Mimi (or grandma) a gift for her garden.  Since my mom has huge garden, I thought creating a wind chime would be the perfect addition to that space.

Terra Cotta Potter Wind Chime Tutorial

I started by having the kids color on a small Terra Cotta potter.  They used my favorite Crayola product, the Twistables Slick Stix.  They are a type of crayon that draws on things really smoothly.  They can get all over your clothes so be warned!  We wore old clothes and I didn’t have to worry if they started to draw on their clothes before I could stop them.

Terra Cotta Potter Wind Chime Tutorial - Materials

While the kids were coloring, I started cutting some twine and tying the twine to large washers.  I used two packs of washers to create enough sound when they would bang together in the wind.  I cut the excess twine near the washers so they would be able to bang together without bumping into the excess twine that remained from tying the twine to the washer.

Terra Cotta Potter Wind Chime Tutorial - Washers

I laid out all of the washers down, making sure that they were all about the same length.  Then, taking another long piece of twine, I folded the twine in half and put the loop part through the hole in the Terra Cotta pot.  Once the loop was through, I knotted all of the washers to the twine, creating one large knot.

Terra Cotta Potter Wind Chime Tutorial - Knot

Then, I had to create a secure knot at the top to hang the wind chime from the tree.  I started by knotting a washer to the twine to make sure the twine didn’t fall through the hole of the Terra Cotta potter.  Then I knotted the twine together.

Terra Cotta Potter Wind Chime Tutorial - Hanging Tree

All that remains is to hang the wind chime on a tree and enjoy!  The kids loved coloring the potter and I know my mom will love this wonderful and thoughtful gift for her garden!

Terra Cotta Potter Wind Chime Tutorial - Hanging

Happy Mother’s Day!



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