As the date is quickly approaching for baby girl to make her debut, I have realized that I need to start packing my hospital bag!  For my little man, I completely over packed!  I don’t think it’s any surprise as most of the first-time moms I have talked to share that they over packed their hospital bags as well.

hospital bag packing list

My birthing experience was kind of different since I was in labor for 22 hours, which ended in a C-section. I had no energy to shave my legs or even shower for that matter, which I read was all some women wanted to do. I also never put on make-up, which I also read was all some women wanted to do. I feel that you need to look at yourself and what you like to do on the weekends. I really don’t wear make-up on the weekends and stay in my pjs, so planning for the hospital; I feel that I won’t need much make-up or clothes other than pjs. The hospital I am delivering at does do pictures, so this time I will plan on showering and putting on a little bit of make-up so I don’t look so disheveled in the pictures!

This time, I have a scheduled C-section, so I know things will be a little bit different. Also, I’ve done this before, so I know what to expect with the whole procedure, hospital staff and things to do and not to do while in the hospital.

Some of my essentials included an extension cord for all of the chargers we had and an extra bag to gather all of the gifts and extra items they give you at the hospital. So I have generated a checklist for new moms to use to help gather items to pack in their hospital bags. Hopefully you will find them as useful and I did