Valentine's Day Candy Wreath Tutorial Text overlay on top of bright pink, light pink, and white ribbon wreath with candy attached.
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Valentine’s Day Candy Wreath

This easy tutorial will show you how to create a candy wreath for Valentine's Day using bright pink, light pink, and white curling ribbon along with candy tied to wreath.

I’m re-sharing one of my favorite Valentine’s Day posts with you… A Valentine’s Day Candy Wreath Tutorial!!  I shared this easy tutorial last year, but just love it so much that I had to share it again!  I am in the process of creating more of these wreaths for some other friends who didn’t get one last year.  Then again, I could always make them again for our family, as they don’t take a lot of concentration or effort.  Just a little bit of time!  It’s incredibly easy to make as you sit and watch Netflix, and sip your wine at the end of the night.  So grab your pink curling ribbon, scissors, and an embroidery hoop to get started!  

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I wanted to create a gift for some of our family and friends.  I think it’s always fun to share Valentine’s, even when you are all grown-up!  You know, just something to say, “You are special to me” or “I appreciate everything you do for me”.

So I wanted to come up with a quick and creative presents made for our families.  After many crazy creations, I ended up on creating a Valentine’s Day candy wreath as gift for the family and friends by attaching some pink and red candies to the wreath.

Valentine's Day Candy Wreath Tutorial Text overlay on top of bright pink, light pink, and white ribbon wreath with candy attached.

To start creating your Valentine’s Day candy wreath, grab dark pink, light pink and white curling ribbon.  Also get your curling scissors and an embroidery hoop.  I made my wreaths by using the 5 inch embroidery hoop, but you can definitely do any size you feel your wreath-recipient would appreciate!

Now, I wanted to be efficient with creating these wreaths, so I took the embroidery hoop apart so I had two separate hoops.  This allowed me to make two wreaths for the price of one hoop.  Score!  Always nice when you can use both parts of the embroidery hoop for this project.

Next step for creating the Valentine’s Day candy wreath was to cut all the curling ribbon to wrap around the embroidery hoop.  I have a few tricks for cutting lots of curling ribbon without taking a lot of your time.  One way is to enlist your husband or significant other or child.  Have that individual hold their arms like a field goal.  Then, bring their arms in until they are about at shoulder distance.  In one of their hands, have them hold the end piece of the curling ribbon.  Wrap the ribbon around their arms until you feel you have enough.  I like to wrap about 20 times, but you can do more or less depending on how much you want to cut at once.  Have your helper move the arm that is not holding the ribbon.  The ribbon will fall, so grab it and pull the hooped part of the ribbon and cut on the hooped part.  Grab the remaining ribbon and cut on the hooped part.  Repeat this process with every color you plan to use!

Another way is to find a box or a book and wrap the ribbon around the longer ends of the box or book.  You might have to tape one side of the curling ribbon to the box or book before you start.  Wrap the curling ribbon around the box or book about 20 times, then cut one side on the hooped part.  Grab the remaining ribbon and cut on the hooped part.  Now you have a bunch of curling ribbon to use!

Once all the ribbons are cut, I put them in a baggie.  This makes it really easy for cleaning up or stopping on the project in the middle, as all you have to do is close the baggie and you are cleaned up!

To create the wreath, randomly pick up ribbons from the baggie and knot them to the embroidery hoop.  I would tie about 10-20 ribbon on the embroidery hoop.  Then, I would curl both sides of the ribbon, and scrunch the ribbons together to make the wreath look full.

I continued to tie, curl, and scrunch the curling ribbon until I was happy with how full the wreath got.  I wanted a really full wreath because I think it looks really festive and fun!

Candy Wreath Card attached to Valentine's day wreath made of curling ribbon in dark pink, light pink, and white

Once the Valentine’s Day wreath was full and fluffy, I tied some pink and red candies onto different curling ribbon on the front-side of the wreath.  I made sure to double knot the candies to the curling ribbon so they didn’t fall off.  I also didn’t want to make the wreath too heavy, so I kept the placement of the candies to the front and inside of the wreath, instead of adding candies all over the wreath.

Finally, I added some mini scissors so my Valentine’s gift recipients could cut off the candy when they wanted to nibble on some chocolate!  I added the scissors by cutting a long piece of curling ribbon and tying that curling ribbon to the wreath.  I let the scissors hang from the side of the wreath.

Taking some red cardstock and my Valentine’s stamps, I created a card to go along with the Valentine’s Day candy wreath.  I also love writing special messages to special people in my life!

Candy Wreath Close-Up with windsor chocolate balls tied onto the wreath made of bright colored curling ribbon

Now I am ready to give the gift of candy for Valentine’s Day.  That’s not a cliché, right?!?!?  Well, even if it is, I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Valentine’s Day is all about candy and sharing it with your loved ones.  So what are you waiting for?  It’s your turn to create these adorable Valentine’s Day candy wreath to share with your loved ones!

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