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The Organized Mama’s Top 6 Videos of 2020

Love organizing? Check out The Organized Mama's Top 6 videos of 2020 in this round-up article where she shares how to get organized.

This past year, a lot has changed. Goals have shifted. The Organized Mama has shifted. And now we can reflect on what has happened this past year, because 2021 is quickly approaching. As I was looking back at this past year, I took a peek into your favorite videos from 2020. And I am sharing The Organized Mama’s Top 6 videos of 2020!

The Organized Mama’s Top 6 Videos of 2020

#6: Organizing Kitchen Utensils

I love making videos on easy ways you can tackle a task in a short amount of time. This was one of those videos. Which is a big reason why I love it! You can read more on organizing kitchen utensils here

#5: How To Think Like A Professional Organizer

This video is one of my favorites because it gives you a peek into how to think like a professional when it comes to decluttering your stuff. You can read more about it here


#4: How To Live With Messy People

I love this video because I think everyone has at least one messy person in their homes. So how do you deal with them? This video shows you how! And you can read more here.

#3: Organizing A Side-By-Side Fridge

Organizing a side-by-side fridge can be tricky so I shared some tips for how you can do the same. You can read more here!

#2: The Organized Kids- Making Beds

I love this video because it was the very first The Organized Kids video we did. It showed kids how to make their bed so they can do it at home.

#1: How To Make Vinyl Labels

I am obsessed with making labels because I am an over-labeler! So this video on how to make vinyl labels makes sense that you love it too! You can read more on how to make vinyl labels here.

These were The Organized Mama’s top videos of 2020. I cannot wait to start getting more videos for you on topics that will help get you and your family organized. Comment with what topics you want to see covered in 2021!



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