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Why Can’t Our Fridge Ever Stay Organized?

Check out how I clean and organize the fridge using organizational bins!

I decided that if I truly wanted our fridge to stay organized, I was going to need to invest in some fridge organizational bins.  I know these can be costly, but they have great deals on these things at Home Goods.  So I went and bought a bunch and decided to tackle cleaning and organizing the fridge and freezer from my spring cleaning checklist.  I had already made labels for everything in the fridge but that was only helping keep like items together.  It did not help to organize the shelves.

fridge organization

So in my spring cleaning attempt to organize and clean together, I decided to go to Home Goods to get some great containers.  I also went to Target to get more sizes of the containers.

Then I started to scrub every shelf in both the fridge and freezer.  I really hadn’t done this since we moved in!  Ewww!  I mean I would clean up a spill but I haven’t removed everything the the fridge and freezer, cleaned it, sorted it and organized it all in one sitting!  I decided to keep all like foods together starting with the fridge…dairy, veggies, fruits, breads, leftovers and extras to the shelves.  On the door, I decided to put milk, dressings, condiments and coffee creamer (since I am addicted to coffee after having two little kids!)  In the freezer, I put chicken, other meat, veggies and breads on shelves and desserts, ice bags, and pasta on the door bins.

Now I am very happy with how it turned out.  We just have to see how long it will stay this organized!

fridge organization

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2 thoughts on “Why Can’t Our Fridge Ever Stay Organized?”

  1. Love how you used clear bins to organize the food in your fridge and freezer! I am inspired to do the same. Thank you for sharing so any great organizing tips with us all. Have a blessed New Year!

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