Learn tricks for cleaning your home daily with a free cleaning checklist. Favorite products are listed, along with ways to tackle some of those daunting tasks. #cleaning #cleaningcaddie #cleanhome
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A Simple Cleaning Checklist And What To Clean With

Learn tricks for cleaning your home daily with a free cleaning checklist. Favorite products are listed, along with ways to tackle some of those daunting tasks.

I hate cleaning. There, I said it! I really despise the scrubbing of the toilets and the constant vacuuming that has to take place, almost hourly. I would much rather focus my attention on the kiddos, napping, or reading. You know, #momlife. But I do insist on a daily clean-up that I have a cleaning checklist for. The daily clean-up means we pick up all the toys, put the house back together, and scrub the kitchen. Because I can’t wake up to a sink full of dishes.

So I have created some cleaning hacks that have helped us keep our house tidy without a ton of scrubbing and mopping!

Cleaning products.

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Use A Cleaning Checklist

Whenever I have to clean, I look to my checklist. I have created a ton over the years, but this one is perfect for helping with cleaning up at the end of the night. We pick 3 things to clean up in each area of the house. For us, it is the kitchen, toys, and living room. By keeping it simple, it is totally manageable to maintain an organized and tidy home.


When cleaning the floors, we love using the 2-in-1 wet/dry mop and a dustpan and brush because the kids can use them for cleaning up messes they make. For larger spills, we use the tall broom or our vacuum. I try to give the kids as many tasks for cleaning as I can so I don’t have to spend my time doing a lot of cleaning up after them. They are 5 and 6, so they are capable of cleaning up independently. We do the floors on an as-needed basis, like if there is a giant spill or crumbs have gotten out of control!

The dustpan and broom come in two sizes, so when the kids were younger, we used the smaller dustpan since it was easier for them to use. The more you can allow them to help, the better you both will be in the long run!!

Cleaning products.


For wiping the counters every day, we use a multi-purpose cleaner. This way, we aren’t spreading germs everywhere and I can still feel like the kitchen is clean. I love this cleaner because it is baby-safe and organic. We also use cleaning cloths to wipe down the counters. These cloths are the perfect alternative to paper towels. Toss them in the dishwasher to clean, and it is like they are brand new! We do this every night, so it is on my cleaning checklist so I remember because you get tired at the end of the day!!

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My goal is to have the dishes put in the dishwasher before we go upstairs to put the kids to bed. While the kids are cleaning up the toys, my husband and I put away the dishes. We use walnut scrubbers sponges, bamboo dish brush, and dish soap.

Honestly, I try to put everything in the dishwasher so I don’t have to hand wash anything because I am lazy. The dishwasher tablets are perfect for making sure my dishes are clean!

Dishwasher tablets.


Included in my weekly cleaning is the laundry with my unscented laundry tabs. I try to do laundry once a week and make my kids put away their own laundry. We set up their drawers so they could put things away independently. Each drawer is a different category of clothing. For example, my son has a drawer of just pants. Another drawer of just t-shirts. Same with my daughter. This really helps keep their stuff organized and tidy.

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Cleaning products organized in a utility closet.


Finally, I do have a cleaning caddie set up in my cleaning closet. This caddie is really used by my cleaning lady. In it, I try to keep all the supplies she needs to deep clean out home. I have a duster for her, along with all my favorite green cleaning supplies. This closet is also where we store our broom, mop, and extra cleaning supplies that don’t live under the sink.

Cleaning products.

I try to keep things as easy and simple as possible. That is why I created this cleaning checklist to help keep us focused on small cleaning tasks, rather than overwhelming ourselves with all the cleaning that has to be done. Start by selecting 3 areas you want to clean daily. Then give yourself 3 tasks that you will do daily to keep those 3 areas clean. Once a week or month, you can do a deep clean, but with regular maintenance, you should be able to keep a clean home!

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