My Story

My name is Jessica and I am the mama behind The Organized Mama. I have two kiddos who are also known as The Organized Kids, and a husband named Ben is we loving refer to as “The Swedish Chef”. No, he is not Swedish, he just cooks like him. I am also the mama to a fur-baby named Larson.

The Organized Mama’s mission is to teach families how to find the calm by clearing the clutter. 

Because I know that maintaining order and living as clutter-free as we can, can be a sanity-saver when things get chaotic.

I found solace in organizing from a young age because I experienced a lot of loss at a young age. Now, how do those two things go together? When things get out-of-control, I know I can create order for myself. Give myself something to hold onto. Create a system when things seem system-less.⁠

I know that when there are piles of clutter, your anxiety levels can go sky-high.

I have been there when your world feels completely chaotic because your home isn’t organized.⁠

I know that when you spend countless hours creating order in your home, only to have that order destroyed in .05 seconds, can be super discouraging.

So that is why I am here to help. Get organized. And create lasting order in your home. With sanity-saving tips to maintain order and create a home that is welcoming, inviting, and cozy!

I’ve Created Tons Of Things To Help You


Watch how to organize, decorate, and DIY to make your home cozy and orderly!


Read ways to organize, decorate, and diy order in your home and life.


Online programs to walk you and your family through organizing and living with less.


Digital downloads to help streamline the organizing process 

organized to perfection guidebook on clipboard flatlay

The Organized Mama


The Blog Started

Originally named Coffee And Chaos, I set out to share the craziness that was our home. Once I realized that I spelled chaos wrong in the url, we changed the blog to The Organized Mama.


The Organized Mama Media Co. Started

In the spring of 2016, The Organized Mama Media Company was formed. The media company is a way to bridge the gap between beautiful pictures and turning it into reality through video, blog, and social media content so viewers/readers can emulate in their homes.


Named’s Organizing + DIY Expert

The Organized Mama was named’s Organizing and DIY expert as part of their Parent Expert Squad. See more here.


Better Homes + Gardens Stylemaker

I was named one of Better Homes + Gardens Stylermakers, which meant I got to go to New York for the event! You can read more here.


The Organized Business

Because of Covid, I decided to add another layer to The Organized Mama brand and expand into business coaching! The Organized Business teaches service-based businesses how to create an online presence to increase revenue and sales through blog, vlog, social media, affiliate marketing, and digital course creation.



The Organized Mama is still one of the industry leaders, helping families get organized with sanity-saving organizing, decorating, and DIY tips.