Organizing Recipes

I have been meal planning every Sunday since the summer. I even did a meal planning series where I shared all my weekly meal plans.  It has helped our family stay organized with meals, grocery shopping, and reducing our food waste.  But with meal planning comes lots...
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Keeping Tabs On My Holiday Gift-Giving

Today I am sharing an oldie, but goodie!  I shared this post last year both on Lolly Jane blog and at The Organized Mama to help get organized for the holiday season.  So, as the holiday season is quickly approaching, I thought I would share my tips for getting your...
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Just Sit And Color

It first happened when I was 13. I was on a double-decker bus, coming home from a bar mitzvah party.  We were being typical 13-year-olds, and goofing around on the ride back from the party. The party was a lot of fun.  There was some dancing.  Mostly gossiping. ...
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Play Room/Sun Room Update

Play Room/Sun Room Update

With all the kitchen updates, I forgot to share one of my favorite additions we did to our house… the play room!  This was the one full room we added to our home.  We just opened a wall and reconfigured the kitchen, but we fully added the play room!

If you remember, our old play room was an addition that the previous owners added.  It was right off the living and dining room.  It was close to the kitchen but you couldn’t see into the play room while you were cooking in the kitchen.  We loved the space and having a place for the kids to play right on the first floor, but found it necessary to want to watch the kids while cooking.

Now, this room has turned into our kitchen!

I ended up taking practically everything from this room and moving it into the new play room.  The only thing that didn’t make it was the race car decals.

When we designed the space, we wanted a room that could grow with our family.  Since we love the benches for playing, storage, and seating, I wanted to make sure they fit into the space.

The benches are just the IKEA Kallax Shelves turned on its side.  I added a cushion to each bench by using some wood, mattress pad foam, and fabric.  I shared how I created them here.

I still need to add picture tags to each of the bins because we ended up changing what goes in some of the bins as the kids have changed what they play with!

We added the kids comfy chairs that were originally in their bedrooms.  They fit perfect in the octagon-shaped walls that make up the back wall.

The play room is to the left of the kitchen, so I am now able to watch the kids play while I am making dinner!  This has been such a huge saver, as we all know that “witching hour” time!

We painted this room in Benjamin Moore Sanctuary.  It is the perfect color because it is so calming, yet works wonderfully with the windows looking out into our backyard!

Our flooring is a grey tile from Home Depot.  We really needed to keep tile in that room because it has the door to the backyard.  With two kids and a dog, I didn’t want to ruin wood floors with water, dirt, and other stuff they bring in.  Tile is just so much easier!

We used the chandelier that was over our dining room table as the lighting in the play room.  I love how much light it provides and it looks pretty in that space!  The chandelier is from Restoration Hardware.  I just adore it and couldn’t let it go, even though my husband wanted a ceiling fan in that room.

All that is left is to find some window coverings, wall decor, and hiding the cords for the mounted television!  Plus, I have to finish labeling the bins, and possibly changing up the pillow coverings to something a litter more muted in color.

Want more decorating ideas?  Follow along over on my Pinterest page for TONS of decorating, crafting, and organizing inspiration!



“Oh The Places You’ll Go” DIY Push Pin Map

“Oh The Places You’ll Go” DIY Push Pin Map

Between my husband and myself, we have visited a good chunk of the 50 states.  I wanted to create something that we could track all the places we have been.  So when we are looking for places to visit, we can see on a map where we need to go!

I decided to create a giant map and use small pins to mark the places we have visited.  I wanted to add a flag to the pin so I knew when we visited and where we visited in that state.

I was having trouble finding the perfect way to construct this map.  Then, when I saw this Tim Holtz paper, I knew it would be perfect for the map!  It just fits itself so nicely into a giant map for what I had envisioned!





1. Start by laying out the Tim Holtz paper over the entire canvas.  I wanted to make sure that certain colors worked with each other.  I took the paper that looked like maps, stamps, post cards, and rulers for my map.

2. Once you have decided on paper lay out, go to your Silhouette Studio and find a map of the USA.  Scale the map to the size you want to fit your canvas.  Then cut out the map using your Silhouette.


3. Lay out the map onto your canvas.  The east coast gave me some trouble because the states are so small, compared to the west coast!


4. Run the larger states through your Xyron Creative Station with the permanent adhesive refill.  Adhere them to the canvas.


5. Run the smaller states through your Xyron 1.5″ Sticker Maker.

6. I had to use the Mega Runner for Hawaii.  I had the island on my finger and stuck it to the Mega Runner.  Then I attached it to the canvas.


7. Find the paper that has the letters.  You are going to cut out the letters in “Oh The Places You’ll Go”.  Run all the letters through the Xyron Creative Station.  Then adhere to the bottom of your map.


8. Once you map is adhered to the canvas, flip your canvas over onto a clean surface and put some books on the canvas to make sure all the edges are really pushed down.  You want to make sure it adheres well to the canvas.

9. While that is pressing the map to the canvas, take the paper that has the states names.  We are going to cut them out and adhere them to the ball head pins.

10. Cut out some extra paper to the size of the states rectangle.  This will be the backing of the states pin.  I used red paper for the backing.  Run that paper through the Xyron 1.5″ Sticker Maker.


11. Grab one state rectangle, one backing, and one ball head pin and attach the backing to the pin.  Then press the state rectangle on top of the pin.

12. Take the books off the canvas and make sure each state is secure to canvas.  Then, stick pin into correlating state.  Do this for each state.


13. Once each state is labeled, we are going to add embellishments.  I added some embellishments around the sides of the canvas using the thrift shop pack and the metal word bands.  I attached the paper embellishments by running them through the Xyron Creative Station.  For the metal word bands, I used smaller ball head pins to hold them in place.


14. Now comes the fun part… Adding flags for all the places you have been!  Start by cutting some paper into a small rectangle.  Using the Mega Runner and a ball head pin, tape half of the rectangle over itself and adhere to the pin.  Cut a triangle to create a flag shape.  Then, using your distress markers, record where and when you visited that location.


Hang, display, and keep updating after every travel experience!!



Getting Your Closets Organized With Little Miss Organizer Hangers

Getting Your Closets Organized With Little Miss Organizer Hangers

I have shared a lot of closet organization over the years.  I have shared ways to organize your closet without spending any money.  I have shared how to organize a master closet.  I have shared how to organize kids’ closets.   I have helped many clients organize their closets as well.

So I am always on the lookout for helpful ways to keep closets organized.

As I am scrolling through Instagram one day, I stumbled upon Little Miss Organizer’s feed and feel in love with her new line of hangers.


After chatting with Sara and her team, I feel in love with their company!  So I tested out a few of the hangers in hopes I would love them as much as I love Sara and her team.

They sent me a few products to try out in our closet.  I really like the sleek design of the hangers.  They are thinner than the wooden hangers I have, but still keep your clothes in the nice shape the wooden hangers offer.  It is like a space-saving hanger, which is an incredible thing to have when you have a tiny closet!


The hangers also hold clothes really well.  They are non-slip without being bulky.  I also love the skirt hanger and how the clips are able to move to fit the size of the skirt you have.

The pant hangers also have the non-slip cover, which helps so much for my pants.  Have you ever notice that dress pants fall off wooden hanger rods just with the smallest bump?  It really bothered me, but I think I have found a solution with these hanger!


I am truly loving how functional they are.  They are space-saving, non-slip, and have a great shape to keep clothing looking fresh!

So now it’s your turn to get your closet organized!  Grab some Little Miss Organizer Hangers and start organizing!!


And, because I love you all so much, I’m sharing some of my favorite closet organizing tips:

  • When it comes to cleaning out my clothes hanging in the closets, I try to remember the “hanger trick”.  Flip all of your clothes on hangers facing the wrong direction.  When you wear that item, turn the hanger to face to correct way.  When it’s time to assess if you are wearing all of the clothes in your closet, you will have an easy visual to support your decision to donate that item!
  • I also keep my closet color coordinated.  There are a couple of ways you can do this to make sure it is an effective way to organize your clothes.  For all of my clothes, I keep them fully color-coded, so it looks like a rainbow.  I start with tank tops, then t-shirts then long-sleeved shirts for one color, then go to the next color following this pattern.  I always start with white and go down the line of ROY G BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) then browns, grays and blacks.  My pants are organized by categories and color-coded.  My jeans are first, going lightest to darkest wash.  My dress pants go from white, green, blue, brown, gray and black.  I have my capri pants first then my slimmer leg cut pants, then my wide-leg pants.  Skirts are after my pants in my closet.  I have them on skirt hangers with like colors.  All of my black skirts are secured to one skirt hanger.  If I have only one color skirt, I will keep it on it’s own hanger.  All of my dresses are hanging and arranged by color.  I also purchased a scarf organizer and my scarves are arranged by color as well, making it easy to find the scarf I want to wear.
  • For my husband’s clothes, I kept all of his polo shirts color-coded and all of his dress shirts color-coded.  All of his dress pants are on pant hangers, but I put the last pair he wore behind the rest of his dress pants on the rod.  This helps him remember what he wore the day before and keeps him from wearing the same pair of pants every day.


Head over to the Little Miss Organizer blog for fun organizing tips and contact Sara at to get your hands on these incredible hangers!


Disclaimer: I received these hangers to review.  All thoughts, opinions, and information were my own.  I only review and recommend products that I use and love because that’s how I roll!

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