Organizing A Command Center

Now with school back in full swing, our family is starting to get back into our school-time routine.  Mornings are still incredibly crazy for us as no one in our house is a morning person.  We all enjoy sleeping in, but this causes everyone to be rushing around in the...

The Waiting Game For The One Room Challenge

So, absolutely no progress was made in our bathroom for the One Room Challenge. Like nothing. Nada. Ok, so maybe that's not true. I did organize under the sink. And I did learn how to take better pictures of the bathroom. Because we removed the only window in that...

Getting Organized: Craft Room Supplies

As I have been revamping my craft area, I finally got the supplies organized!  A few weeks ago I began to switch up this space because I was ready for a change.  You can read about it all here! I started with the containers because I was just using random bins we had...

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