Setting Up Schedules And Routines

With the school year approaching, I feel it's important to figure out some of the scheduling and routine logistics before you get bombarded with the back-to-school hoopla.  Today I am sharing how to set up schedules and routines for our Organize Back To School...

Spring Crafting Projects For Home Decorating

I have really been getting into the spirit of spring... probably because my kids were home all last week for spring break. But the weather in Chicago has not been my friend. It has been cold and rainy and gloomy and gross. So, I decided to turn my home into a bright,...

5 Creative Ways To Conquer Outgrown Children’s Clothes

Do you ever feel like piles and piles of outgrown children's clothes can consume your child's entire room??  And you can't just get rid of it until you know you are done having babies.  But how do you store those outgrown clothes while you are waiting to reuse them...

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Organizing a Handmade Home

The Organized Mama is a professional organizing service and lifestyle blog based on the North Shore of the Chicagoland area.  With a focus on families and individuals with special needs, I work with you to create systems that meet your families needs so you will learn how to stay organized!

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