Getting Organized: Back To The Craft Room or Office Part One

A few weeks ago I shared how I organized my supplies in our mud room, craft room or office (it's a really versatile space), which you can read about here.  Well, I made a Target run and just for fun, went down the container aisle to find the baskets that I really...
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Tutorial For Creating Your Own Custom Chalkboard Labels

If you've been a reader here for a while, you know I LOVE labels!  Like, I have everything labeled in our home.  The fridge and freezer have labels.  All the kids things have labels.  Our mud room is totally labeled.  But buying labels can get rather pricey. ...
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How To Organize Craft Supplies

I may or may not be a hoarder of craft supplies.  It might be my major weakness.  Because when the Target dollar spot has stickers, embellishments, twine, and other crafting goodies, you just have to stock up, right?!?!  So I have come to terms with the fact that I do...
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Getting Your Closets Organized With Little Miss Organizer Hangers

Getting Your Closets Organized With Little Miss Organizer Hangers

I have shared a lot of closet organization over the years.  I have shared ways to organize your closet without spending any money.  I have shared how to organize a master closet.  I have shared how to organize kids’ closets.   I have helped many clients organize their closets as well.

So I am always on the lookout for helpful ways to keep closets organized.

As I am scrolling through Instagram one day, I stumbled upon Little Miss Organizer’s feed and feel in love with her new line of hangers.


After chatting with Sara and her team, I feel in love with their company!  So I tested out a few of the hangers in hopes I would love them as much as I love Sara and her team.

They sent me a few products to try out in our closet.  I really like the sleek design of the hangers.  They are thinner than the wooden hangers I have, but still keep your clothes in the nice shape the wooden hangers offer.  It is like a space-saving hanger, which is an incredible thing to have when you have a tiny closet!


The hangers also hold clothes really well.  They are non-slip without being bulky.  I also love the skirt hanger and how the clips are able to move to fit the size of the skirt you have.

The pant hangers also have the non-slip cover, which helps so much for my pants.  Have you ever notice that dress pants fall off wooden hanger rods just with the smallest bump?  It really bothered me, but I think I have found a solution with these hanger!


I am truly loving how functional they are.  They are space-saving, non-slip, and have a great shape to keep clothing looking fresh!

So now it’s your turn to get your closet organized!  Grab some Little Miss Organizer Hangers and start organizing!!


And, because I love you all so much, I’m sharing some of my favorite closet organizing tips:

  • When it comes to cleaning out my clothes hanging in the closets, I try to remember the “hanger trick”.  Flip all of your clothes on hangers facing the wrong direction.  When you wear that item, turn the hanger to face to correct way.  When it’s time to assess if you are wearing all of the clothes in your closet, you will have an easy visual to support your decision to donate that item!
  • I also keep my closet color coordinated.  There are a couple of ways you can do this to make sure it is an effective way to organize your clothes.  For all of my clothes, I keep them fully color-coded, so it looks like a rainbow.  I start with tank tops, then t-shirts then long-sleeved shirts for one color, then go to the next color following this pattern.  I always start with white and go down the line of ROY G BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) then browns, grays and blacks.  My pants are organized by categories and color-coded.  My jeans are first, going lightest to darkest wash.  My dress pants go from white, green, blue, brown, gray and black.  I have my capri pants first then my slimmer leg cut pants, then my wide-leg pants.  Skirts are after my pants in my closet.  I have them on skirt hangers with like colors.  All of my black skirts are secured to one skirt hanger.  If I have only one color skirt, I will keep it on it’s own hanger.  All of my dresses are hanging and arranged by color.  I also purchased a scarf organizer and my scarves are arranged by color as well, making it easy to find the scarf I want to wear.
  • For my husband’s clothes, I kept all of his polo shirts color-coded and all of his dress shirts color-coded.  All of his dress pants are on pant hangers, but I put the last pair he wore behind the rest of his dress pants on the rod.  This helps him remember what he wore the day before and keeps him from wearing the same pair of pants every day.


Head over to the Little Miss Organizer blog for fun organizing tips and contact Sara at to get your hands on these incredible hangers!


Disclaimer: I received these hangers to review.  All thoughts, opinions, and information were my own.  I only review and recommend products that I use and love because that’s how I roll!

Creating A Handmade Holiday With Gift Wrapping Station

Creating A Handmade Holiday With Gift Wrapping Station

Can you believe that Thanksgiving was last week??  I have yet to grasp how quickly the end of the year is approaching!  Which means that Christmas and Hanukkah will be here quicker than I am ready for.

Every year I create a holiday gift binder, which I shared last year.  I also reorganize my gift wrapping station for the year.  This is the one time I go through the wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, etc. and toss things that look worn.

Then, I grab my cards, tags, ribbon, and stickers and put them in a baggie on the side of the gift wrapping station.  The problem with that has been things get lost in a bag.  So this year I am going to create a separate station for my gift tags and cards.  This can easily turn into a thank you note station once the holiday celebrations have ended!

In order to get my card station created, I need to make some cards and tags to stock it.  I always love making cards and tags for gifts, so this year will be no different.  The only change is that I am making all of these cards and tags ahead of time!  I usually wait until I wrap the gift to make a card, but things are crazy around here, so I want to be prepared.


I am going to be sharing how to create some easy tags and cards to stock your gift tag station, then I will share how to pull it all together!



Tag Tutorial:

1. Start by cutting long rectangles out of the gilded stack paper.  Cut off two corners at the top of the paper.


2. Layer paper on top of the tag using the double-sided cardstock paper.

3. Run the layered paper through your Xyron Creative Station Lite with the permanent adhesive refill.


4. Adhere the colored paper to the tags to create layers.

5. Add white paper to the front or back of the tag to write your messages on.

6. Using your single hole punch, punch one hole at the top of the tag.


7. Add embellishments such as snowflakes from the seasonal wreath stack.

8. Attach ribbon.


9. Wrap your present and deliver!

Station Creation Tutorial:

1. I started to create my gift tag station by grabbing my desktop mail organizer.  I found a similar one on Amazon.

2. I put all my tags and cards I created into the middle divider.  My envelopes went in the back divider.  I grabbed a bunch of ribbon that I put in the front divider.

3. On the sides, there are two smaller organizers.  I put a nice pair of scissors and a hole punch.

4. I also put some of my favorite pens to write on each tag or card.  I love the Tombow and the Tim Holtz Distress Markers!

5. Start writing cards!


I really am loving how these holiday tags and cards turned out.  They are SUPER easy, which means you can hand make cards for everyone on your holiday list!

So grab your DCWV cardstock and your Xyron Creative Station Lite and get to making those tags and cards!


The Home Stretch Of The Kitchen Renovation

The Home Stretch Of The Kitchen Renovation

We are actually in the home stretch of the kitchen renovation and I cannot be more excited!!  This entire process has taken a rather long six months, with the kids and myself living in Minnesota with my parents for the summer.  Then, we lived with my in-laws for the fall.  And now, with winter quickly approaching, we are actually able to live in our home!

There was so much work that needed to be done, I didn’t realize the extent that went into a renovation.  It really isn’t for the impatient!


For this renovation, we added onto the back of our house.  Then, we restructured the kitchen by moving it from the small alley to take over the entire back wall.  We added a sun room/play room right off of the kitchen, which is a major part of the addition.

Once the cabinets, appliances, and counter tops went in, it felt like things were starting to move along nicely.  That is, until we found out that the hood vent didn’t fit, as the roof line interfered with the blower.

That meant that we couldn’t finish the hood with reclaimed wood because the went wasn’t installed.  It felt like everything was at a stand-still until that vent came in.


Once the vent came in, there were many other problems that arose.  The structure that I wanted was blocking the vent from being placed up as high as it needed to be.  So, we had to get creative with making it fit into the structure.  After much finagling the vent into the hood structure, we can now have it wrapped in the beautiful wood!

Ben and I also decided on open shelving that will go over the cabinets in what we are calling the “dining area”.  After looking at the reclaimed wood, we are thinking it might be better to have wooden shelves instead of the white floating shelves we had originally decided on.  Stay tuned to see how that turns out because I have no idea what we are going to do with that!


We also have to pick paint colors.  I am having a really hard time picking colors because we have white cabinets with dark counters in the kitchen area, but we have dark grey cabinets in the dining area with white counters.  I originally wanted a white with an accent wall on the dining room wall, but once I saw the tiled backsplash on the kitchen wall, I decided against the accent wall as they would compete with each other and make the entire space feel “off”.


I may or may not have looked at every grey and grey/white combo that Benjamin Moore offers.  I think we decided on a color, but once the room is painted I will share the info!

I still have to finish organizing the drawers and cabinets.  I like actually using the space for a little before I make any major decisions on where things should go.  I did, however, line all my drawers using wrapping paper.  I love using wrapping paper because if it gets gross, you can just recycle it and put in new paper.  Plus, the designs of wrapping paper are so much cuter than the drawer liners that I have seen!


I am sharing all the renovation updates on my InstaStories, so hop over to Instagram to follow along!


Happy Organizing,



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