Modern Meets Farmhouse: How to Blend Contemporary and Quaint Elements for a Cozy Yet Functional Abode

As you know, I am a sucker for Farmhouse style.  Maybe it is because my mom grew up on a farm so the influence has always been there.  Or, maybe it's because I am obsessed with Fixxer Upper and Joanna Gaines' style!  But, whatever it is, I love the look.  But my...
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Glitter Plank Board Sign Tutorial

I am so glad to be back at the crafting again after our month-long organization challenge.  It was so much fun getting the house organized for back-to-school, but I am ready to get my hands dirty (and glittery) with more crafts!  Today I am sharing an easy way to...
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Easiest Ways To Organize Pet Supplies

Recently I was working with a client on clearing the excess clutter in their mud room. We did the usual: round up of everything in that space, edit down what she had, and started sorting what was left. During the sorting process, she commented that she never knows...
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Organizing a Handmade Home

The Organized Mama is a professional organizing service and lifestyle blog based on the North Shore of the Chicagoland area.  With a focus on families and individuals with special needs, I work with you to create systems that meet your families needs so you will learn how to stay organized!

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