How To Quickly Create A DIY Picture Holder

I love decorating with pictures! It just makes the house feel so home-y!! But I might be awful at remembering swap out pictures. It just seems like so much work to open the picture frame, swap out the picture, and put the entire frame back together. Maybe it is...

Labeling The Linen Closet

Last year I got around to organizing our linen closet and shared my story here.  But I never got around to labeling anything in the linen closet because I had such grandiose ideas of printing on burlap to make tags for each bin.  Well a year went by and I still...

Keeping The Kids Clothes Organized…A System For Both Spacious and Cozy Spaces

Trying to keep kids clothes organized can be considered an oxymoron because this has been one of the biggest challenges for me.  Yes, I have systems in place, but what I have found is that Adleigh's room is small, so storage for her clothes can be tricky.  Eli's room...

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Organizing a Handmade Home

The Organized Mama is a professional organizing service and lifestyle blog based on the North Shore of the Chicagoland area.  With a focus on families and individuals with special needs, I work with you to create systems that meet your families needs so you will learn how to stay organized!

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