Instagram Picture Of The Day Organizing Challenge

Can you believe December is just around the corner?  I can't!  I am starting to freak out that the new year is right around the corner.  In order to get myself organized before the new year, I am hosting an Instagram picture of the day challenge.  Each day for the...
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Getting Organized For Winter Part Two…Outside The Home

Last week we started getting organized for winter by cleaning up the inside of our homes.  We checked out our winter gear to make sure we have the right sizes and clothing for the kiddos.  We switched out our closets for warmer clothing, while stored our summer...
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Using A Clipboard Wall In The Mud Room

I love creating systems that will keep you organized by saving you time and energy.  I love teaching and sharing how to keep you organized, which is why I love writing this blog so much!  I also love to solve organizational problems that are presented to me.  So when...
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Organizing a Handmade Home

The Organized Mama is a professional organizing service and lifestyle blog based on the North Shore of the Chicagoland area.  With a focus on families and individuals with special needs, I work with you to create systems that meet your families needs so you will learn how to stay organized!

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