How To Organize Kids Drawers

We have made it four days into our back to school organization challenge, and I am starting to get back into my groove!  How are you doing?  Any daunting tasks you are trying to avoid?  Feeling more in the groove as you are going?  Don't forget you can get updates...

Ways To Organize A Freezer That Won’t Freeze Your Budget

Yesterday for our organize back to school challenge, we got the fridge organized!  By completing small organizational projects throughout the month of August, we will be ready for back to school with minimal tears for everyone!  So we are taking that momentum from...

Organizing A Kitchen Cabinet With The Kids’ Tableware

If your kids are like mine, they have way too many pieces of tableware.  Starting with plates, we have the divided plates and the undivided plates.  We have small bowls that match the undivided plates.  We have bowls that are suppose to stick to the tray of the high...

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Organizing a Handmade Home

The Organized Mama is a professional organizing service and lifestyle blog based on the North Shore of the Chicagoland area.  With a focus on families and individuals with special needs, I work with you to create systems that meet your families needs so you will learn how to stay organized!

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