Road Trip Must Haves For Easy Entertainment With Young Kids

With summer approaching, it totally sparks the “road tripping” fever around where we live! Now, we drive up to visit my parents frequently, so I have learned a thing or two about packing entertainment for young kiddos. We have our road trip must haves completely organized and accessible in the back seat of the car so the kids can entertain themselves. Plus, all of these ideas are completely screen-free!!

Road Trip Must Haves For Easy Entertainment With Young Kids

This post was written in promotional partnership with Iris USA. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I actually use these items on a daily basis, so I thought I would share with you!! For more, please read my disclosure.

Books And Magazines

My kids love reading, so I always try to check out books from the library or buy books for our road trips. I store them in between the two car seats so the kids can easily grab what they need.

I use the Iris Utility Bin in a small size because it has grips on the bottom of the bin so it doesn’t slide around as we drive. Plus the kids can grab their books and magazines themselves!

We are really loving Highlights Magazine and Ranger Rick Magazines for any time in the car!!


My daughter absolutely loves to color in the car. But trying to keep everything contained can be tricky. So I keep all her art supplies organized using Iris 4×6 Photo and Embellishment Case. All her coloring crayons, markers, and other supplies fit nicely in the cases.

Then I use the Iris Storage Basket with lid to keep all the art supplies contained. I store paper, coloring books, sticker books, and the cases all in the basket. It is great because the handles make it easy to grab and she can take what she wants to color!

Play Doh

I love bringing Play Doh for long car rides. The kids love that they can play with it and it keeps them entertained for a while! I usually store the Play Doh in an Iris Storage Basket with lid, along with a tray for the kids to play with the Play Doh!


My kids are obsessed with Legos. But it isn’t something you can easily play with in the car… until now!! I have transformed the Iris 4×6 Photo and Embellishment Case into a Lego case!

I start by using peel and stick base plates that I cut to fit the photo case. Then I fill the case with some Legos. Then, as we are driving, my son can create a tower with the Legos in the photo case. It is an easy activity for him to do while we are driving!


My all-time favorite road trip must have is snacks. And lots of them!!

But with my little snackers only munching on a few things before they want something new, I started creating snack boxes. I use the medium embellishment organizer from Iris to create them.

To start, I clean the entire organizer. Then I fill each little compartment with a different type of “road trip snack”. Pretzels, chips, Pirate’s Booty… you get the idea.

When they want to nosh, I just grab the organizer and give it to them. They can easily snack on something and we can lock it up when they are done!!

So now you know all my road trip must haves for easy entertainment with young kids!! Check out this posts for more road trip packing inspiration!

6 Tips For Packing For A Road Trip With Children

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