Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Reveal

May 10, 2017 | Bathroom, Decorating

I cannot believe that today is the last day of the One Room Challenge!  Which means that I can finally show you the end result of our modern farmhouse bathroom!

We started this entire process with a brown and beige bathroom that had a window and tile everywhere. But when we renovated the kitchen and added the play room, we ended up loosing that window…which left the bathroom a total disaster.

So we had to go and redo the entire thing! I wasn’t complaining!!

modern farmhouse bathroom reveal

The entire thing started with paint and wood. We added some wainscotting in place of tile on the walls. I felt this was more farmhouse-y. We also painted the top part of the wall with Benjamin Moore Shadow. I just love the deep purple color of Shadow with the white of the wainscotting.

First Floor Bathroom One Room Challenge

We added a beautiful vanity and new toilet and beautiful new flooring. I decided on a herringbone pattern because I just love it, but we ended up with white grout on the tile instead of the dark grey I initially wanted. The entire process for changing grout seemed too daunting for this process, so I will just hold off for now.

modern farmhouse bathroom floor

Then we waited for the wallpaper, but I did learn how to take better pictures of this tiny modern farmhouse bathroom!

But, after all that waiting, I got to finally get the most beautiful wallpaper!!  The install wasn’t crazy difficult, but it did take two people and a LOT of patience.

Kohler Facuet Bathroom

Once the wallpaper was up, the rest of the modern farmhouse bathroom really came together.

Modern Farmhouse Vanity

I found a mirror at Lowe’s that was perfect with the vanity and finishes.

Then the one wall I was struggling with…

TBD gallery wall

I found some amazing artwork at Hobby Lobby!  The “Scrub A Dub” sign was on clearance for 50% off.  The arrow and wood tag were both found in the crafting section of the store.

modern farmhouse bathroom decor

The white frames are from Michaels Craft Store. I was initially going to use them in the play room, but they fit there so perfect I had to use them. Both pieces of word art are from The Crown Prints on Etsy.

modern farmhouse bathroom reveal

You can never have enough toilet paper pictures in the bathroom, so this purple and blue piece my sister-in-law made, just added a nice touch to the space.

toilet paper artwork

All I can say is that I am sooooo glad this room is done. This has been the most highly anticipated completion of a room I have yet to do. I think it’s because we are so over looking at this unfinished room while we are eating. (The bathroom is in clear view of the kitchen table.)

Full modern farmhouse bathroom

Tell me what you think!!


The Organized Mama

The Organized Mama

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  1. Roz

    LOVE your tile and wallpaper. The toilet paper print is adorable.

    • superadmin

      Thank you so much Roz!! I am so happy with it!!

  2. Andrea

    Looks so good! love the wallpaper!

    • superadmin

      Thanks so much!! I love ti too!

  3. Cassie Bustamante

    i love that you went bold and unique with the color and love that patterned wall! well done!

    • superadmin

      Thanks so much Cassie!!

  4. Delia Gibbs

    I love your combination of wall accessories…very lovely. That wallpaper reminds me of the one I used in my mudroom redo. Great job!

    • superadmin

      I just love the wallpaper too!! And the wall decor is my favorite!

  5. Marty Oravetz

    How fun is this. I love it. Great job with the feature wall. It is perfect.

    • superadmin

      Thank you so much! I am so happy with the wall too!

  6. Nicole Q-Schmitz

    Purple gets me everytime 🙂 Ha I like when you said that there could never be enough toilet paper pictures in a bathroom – everything goes so well together!

  7. julie nichols

    I never thought you can make a bathroom fun, but you nailed it! I love the bold color and you made laugh with the toilet paper quote how cute!

    • superadmin

      Thank you so much!!

    • superadmin

      Thanks so much Lesli!!


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