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35 Ways To Organize Your Home With Turntables

So do you call it a turntable or lazy Susan?? I have heard that it depends on where you are living, but I am not sure if that’s true! I call it a Lazy Susan, but Google says it is a turntable. I am so confused! But whatever you call it, choosing to organize your…

So do you call it a turntable or lazy Susan??

I have heard that it depends on where you are living, but I am not sure if that’s true! I call it a Lazy Susan, but Google says it is a turntable. I am so confused!

But whatever you call it, choosing to organize your home with turntables can be super helpful. Whether you have limited space, living a minimalist lifestyle, or just want creative ways to organize, turntables (or Lazy Susans) can help keep your things organized regardless of space.

I have created a list of 30 ways to organize your home with turntables.

lazy susan in fridge for organization


I love using turntables in the fridge to store condiments on high shelves. This way you won’t lose things in the back!


Limited on space? This trick can keep your spices organized and tidy. Sort them alphabetically with the labels out and you can find everything you need with the turn of the table (see what I did there… haha!)


Packets of seasons can be challenging to store as they are so small. Why not stack them in a turntable? Keep them contained and easy to access!

oils organization turntable


For a family that loved cooking with oils, I put a turntable on their counter to contain all their cooking oils. All they need to do is spin the turntable to find the exact oil they need to cook with.

Baking Goods

All those sprinkles, frostings, and other baking goodies can be stored in a turntable!


My husband loves grilling, so we have all sorts of gadgets, rubs, etc. I store our rubs in a turntable so he can find them easily, but they don’t end up taking up a lot of space.

Snack Foods

Kids love to snack? Keep all those wrapped snacks contained by removing them from boxes and storing in a turntable.

Breakfast Grab-N-Go

Breakfast bars, mini muffin pouches, protein bars can all be stored in an easy to access turntable to help make mornings a breeze!

how to organize rubs with a turntable


Oatmeal packets can easily to sorted into type and stored in a turntable. Remove the packets from the boxes and store. Not only does it take up less space, you can see everything you have.


Keeping rices, quinoa, beans, etc. contained in a turntable is an easy way to find what you have without searching your entire pantry. Grab a large turntable to store the rices and your pantry is set!

Mac ‘N’ Cheese

Do your kids love Mac ‘n’ Cheese?? If you use those portable containers, they pile rather nicely in a turntable. Then you can store different types of cheesiness in one container without losing any in the back!

coffee station with turntable


Instead of the typical coffee or tea station, why not jazz it up with a turntable? Sort your tea or coffee pods based on type.

Baby Food

Those baby food jars and pouches can take up a lot of space in your pantry. But if you use a turntable, you have greatly reduced the extra space they can take up because you can stack the food to fit into the turntable.


My kids love cashews and almonds. Since we get a ton of different baggies of nuts, they can easily be stored in a turntable for the kids to access and eat whenever they need.


I love mixes… pancake mix, waffle mix, cake mix. Take all the mixes out of the box and store in a turntable! Just cut the directions off the box and stick with the mix using a clothespin or paperclip. Now you just gave yourself extra storage space because the bulky box isn’t taking up as much space in your pantry!

Corner Cabinets

Whenever I do a client’s pantry, I always try to utilize that corner space by using a turntable. It provides a ton of function, instead of wasted space or losing items in the corner.

lazy susan kids utensils cups

Kids Utensils

Keep kids eating utensils in a turntable. They take up less space in the drawer and the kids will get a kick out of spinning the turntable to get their spoons!

Plastic Utensils

I always love to be prepared, so I keep our plastic utensils in a holder for when we have company over. I just have to pull out the turntable and the silverware is ready to go!

Cloth Napkin Holder

Going paper-free? Try using a turntable to hold the cloth napkins. It helps when putting away the napkins after you have done laundry and the kids love it when they are looking for their favorite colored napkin.

how to organize cleaning supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Limited on storage space for all those cleaning supplies? Store in a turntable and you can find everything without losing too much storage space.


We buy sponges at Costco, so when they come home, it’s like 2 million! Keeping them contained in a turntable can help limit clutter and make them easy to access.

Beauty Necessities

Contact solution, face wash, all the face essentials, etc. can be stored in a turntable! Keep things contained without trying to find extra storage!

Hair Products

Hairspray… check. Volumizer… check. Anything for your hair… check!  It can all be stored in a turntable.

bathroom organization with turntables

Under Sink

Store those extra products you need in the bathroom under the sink in a turntable. Now you are able to see everything, so nothing gets lost in the back of the cabinet.


There are a ton of ways you can use turntables for gardening. Store packets of seeds, organized by type in a turntable. Store gardening essentials like gloves, stakes, etc. in a turntable. Or you can even get super wild and crazy and store your shovels, hoes, etc!


Screws, nails, nuts, bolts. All these things are rather tedious to contain. Try storing them in a small container, then put all the small containers in a turntable with labels on the outside. Spin the turntable to find the screw you are looking for!

Electronic Cords

All those chargers can be contained in a turntable by wrapping them together and storing in a turntable. Finding the right charger has never been so easy!

Shoe Care

Shoe polish, brushes, shoe stray can all be housed in a turntable, which will help keep those shoes looking so fresh and so clean, clean! (Please tell me you sang that!)


I store my glasses, cleaners, and cases in a turntable under our bathroom sink. It is the perfect container to hold all the “stuff” that comes with my glasses and I can find it easily!

Gift Wrapping Supplies

All that tape, ribbon, scissors, pens, cards, and other goodies can be housed in a turntable. This makes it easy to find what you are looking for as you wrap your presents.

Art Supplies

Kids love art? Store their paints, markers, dotters, etc. in a turntable on their desk. Then they can grab what they need when they are in the mood to create.


Using jars to store the pens and pencils, you can easily create a beautifully organized desk with all the pens, pencils, markers, colored pencils, you own!

Office Supplies

Storing staplers, paper clips, binder clips, tape, and other office supplies on a turntable can keep small office spaces organized and functional.


You can easily store ribbon, stamps, stamp pads, glues, and embellishments on a turntable. Take the crafting supplies out when you are ready to create and you have access to everything you need with one spin.

Pet Items

My dog has a ton of stuff… brushes, pills, treats. All these things can be stored on a turntable so they take up less space. I can find everything I need without worrying about losing something in the back of the cabinet.

35 ways to organize your home with turntables

Didn’t think I could come up with 35 ways to organize your home with turntables, did you?!?!

I actually use them with clients almost on every project because they are so versatile. I received my turntables from Shopko and wanted to share the perfect event to get your home organized with turntables! Check out my board for all the other recommended products I use with turntables!

Shopko Friends and Family event is starting May 21 until May 24. You can get an EXTRA 20% off home and clothing (turntable people)!!  Plus an extra 10% off furniture and electronics.  Enter the promo code FNF119.

So set a reminder for this event and grab all the turntables you can find to get your home organized!!

And you can check out all my favorite Shopko products and how I use them!!

Disclaimer: I was given free merchandise in exchange for this post. All ideas are my own. And, if you have been following me on any social media, you know I actually use turntables in like all the homes I organize. So this is a legit Organized Mama recommendation!





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