Two shelves in a linen closet with marble shelf liner and labels of extra, teeth, travel, and towels #linenclosets
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7 Effective Tricks The Pros Use When Organizing Linen Closets

Learn 7 tricks that professional organizers use when setting up linen closets for their clients. A quick and easy tutorial breaking down all 7 steps.

How do you fold your towels?

I found that there are many different ways to fold towels. Like tons!! And I think that comes from how you were taught to fold a towel. And I also think that it has to do with how your linen closet can hold your towels.

Some of my clients have been able to roll their towels in their linen closets, while others have to fold them really flat to fit a bunch of towels into the closet.

But once they get the towels in then they have to get the sheets in the linen closet as well. And all the extra supplies like toothpaste and toilet paper.

So how can you get all those items into your linen cabinet without losing too much space because of the towels?? Well, I have a few tricks I have learned over the years to get your linens closets organized!

full shot of linen closet with items on door and items inside linen closet organized in bins with labels #linenclosets

7 Effective Tricks The Pros Use When Organizing Linen Closets

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1. Empty Entire Linen Closet

I know this tip doesn’t shock you as much as it should, because I say this for every single organizing project. Empty the entire thing. Pretty self explanatory, but it does need to be said!

2. Make A Pretty Linen Closet

Once everything is out, clean the linen closet. Like really scrub it down. Then you have to make it look pretty. I know this sounds like such a silly step, but it really, truly helps in maintaining the organizing system you will spend time creating.

Think of it this way… you take everything out, clean your linen closet, put everything back without taking the extra step to make your linen closet look pretty, either by matching bins or adding some shelf liner. A few months later, your linen closet will be a total disaster again. Why?? Because you are more likely to keep up with organizing when it looks pretty, then when it looks blah.

I love using Duck Brand Easy Liner to add some pretty to my linen closet. I went with the EasyLiner Adhesive in Marble. There are so many options that I am in love with. Like the weathered wood, or the black marble!

My Favorite Decorative Liners

Step One

Measure the space. For this project, I added the liner to the back and shelving in my linen closet.

Step Two

Cut the liner. Since there are tons of lines on the back of the liner, it is really easy to cut the liner straight to size! I used a sharp pair of scissors and a flat surface to make sure I was cutting the liner straight.

Step Three

Peel the liner backing off. I had to peel the long way so I could adhere the liner to the top of the shelving ledge. Then I smoothed the liner along the wall.

Step Four

Repeat for the back wall and/or the shelves. I really do recommend the back wall as it will make the entire linen closet look brighter so things don’t end up getting lost in the back.

Two shelves in a linen closet with marble shelf liner and labels of extra, teeth, travel, and towels #linenclosets

3. Create Storage Within Your Linen Closet

Once the entire linen closet in lined, really examine your space. Is there a way you can use the door to create storage? What about those top shelves or the floor. Try to think outside the box to create ample storage for your linens.

4. Bin Your Linens

Before you put anything away, you need to bin your linens. I am talking specifically sheets. And hand towels and wash cloths. These linens really do get lost in the back, so by keeping them contained in bins, you are less likely to lose them, have them get lost in the mix, and forget about them!

Five shelves of linen closet with marble shelf liner on all shelves and back wall of linen closet #organized

5. Group Like Items Together

Once your linens are binned, it is time to group the rest of your items together. Find all similar items and group them together. This helps give you an idea of how much of some things you may have.

If you notice you have an excessive amount of towels, maybe think about donating the well-used ones to a local animal shelter.

Then bin the like items that should go together in one bin. These are things like toothpaste, toothbrushes, travel supplies, etc. They can either go in a bin on a shelf or go on a shelf that is on the door of your linen closet.

6. Give Everything A Home

Now we get to put everything away and give everything a home. To give everything a home, you have to create zones for every shelf (including door shelves). A zone is simply a specific location for items. For example, the “towel zone” may be on one shelf, while the “hand towel zone” may be on another shelf.

The reason pro organizers use the zone system is to give you a specific amount of space for particular items. Think about it this way, if you take over your entire linen closet with just towels, like just beach towels, will you actually use them all??

My guess is probably not. So give yourself a zone for towels so you are only able to keep that many towels that fit in that one particular zone. Then you are less likely to overstock your linen closet (or home) with too many of one type of item!

Folded towels and bins inside linen closet with marble shelf liner on shelves and back wall #linencloset

7. Label Everything In Your Linen Closet

Last, but not least, is to label all the things! If you did find bins that you cannot see into, then you totally need a label on it! The label helps so much when it comes to finding what you are looking for and putting things away!

I love using bin clips to keep the bins labeled, along with adding the bin clips to the door shelves. I label the door shelves with the zone that each shelf holds.

Folded towels, bins with clips for storing items inside a linen closet with marble shelf liner #organized

Want more linen closet organization inspiration?? Watch me organize my entire linen closet below!

Open door of linen closet with text overlay that says 7 effective tips the pros do when organizing linen closets

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