how to organize a bathroom when you don't have any drawers
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How To Organize A Bathroom With Little To No Drawers

Tips for how to organize a bathroom with no drawers are shared along with ways to create drawer organization when you may not have much.

Back when I was living in the city, my apartment bathroom had no drawers. There was only a medicine cabinet, a pedestal sink, and a clawfoot tub with a wrap around shower curtain. It legit looked stunning but sooooo not functional. Where was I suppose to store my towels, or make-up, or hair dryer??

I had to get creative with the space in order to fully optimize every inch of that space. Because when you live in the city, you have no space. And this was a studio apartment so there really wasn’t much space to store things anyway. That’s when I had to get my organizing game face on to get creative with storage options. 

If your bathroom has limited space like mine did in the city, then this post is perfect for you! Because when you are limited on drawer space in  your bathroom, you are going to need products to create storage without taking up much space! I am breaking down some of my tips for how to organize a bathroom with limited drawer space.

How To Organize A Bathroom With Little To No Drawers

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Keep Only Things You Need

Now my guess is that when you have a bathroom with little to no drawers, it is because the space isn’t big enough for drawers. Like my bathroom in the city, there wasn’t room for a giant vanity. Only a pedestal sink. So I had to really limit the extra items I was planning on storing in the bathroom.

So when you are organizing a bathroom with no drawer space, keep in mind that you have to keep the bare minimum. Create a different storage area for overflow items. This will help limit the clutter in your bathroom.

For me, I had high ceilings so I stored extra items on the tops shelves in my closet. This helped me only keep items I needed daily in the bathroom.

Group Like With Like

When you have only the items that you need, start by grouping like with like. To start, store all your make up together. Now this may sound like a silly thing to talk about, but it really does make a difference. You may be saying that all of your make up is stored together, but is it really? What about your chapsticks? Lipsticks? Make up brushes?

Then group together other beauty products like face products. 

Once you grouped them all together, you can start to create storage options for your bathroom.

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Use Products With Drawers To Create Drawers

Now we get to talk about products. Because when you know what things you need to store in your bathroom, it is much easier to figure out storage. That is why I never recommend buying anything until you know what you have.

To start, find products that have drawers already in them. I like the new collection from iDesign exclusively at Ulta Beauty like the wide cosmetic drawer organizer or the 3 drawer organizer. These products are great tools to help give you drawers when you may not have them already in your bathroom.

You can also use items like corner organizers or under the sink drawer inserts. These products can easily make a bathroom without drawers feel like it has drawers.

For my apartment bathroom, I made sure to use space like the corners to hold items along with cosmetic organizers to hold my make up. By only keeping items I use in the bathroom, along with grouping like with like, I was able to create a very organized bathroom with no drawers!

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