tote with rolled beach towels next to back door to demonstrate towel storage ideas #towelstorage
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The Best Beach Towel Storage Ideas

Learn effective tips for towel storage ideas from professional organizer as she shops The Container Store to showcase her favorite products.

With summer coming to an end, are you trying to squeeze in every last minute of sunshine?? Once summer is over, what do you do with those beach towels?? They are so bulky and take up a lot of space in your linen closet, so what are the best beach towel storage ideas??

I’m sharing my favorite ideas for towel storage for the Shop Like A Professional video series I am doing in partnership with The Container Store and Practically Perfect!

The Best Beach Towel Storage Ideas

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tote with rolled beach towels next to back door to demonstrate towel storage ideas #towelstorage


The first thing to do when storing your beach towels is to declutter the unused or the “well-loved” ones. Only keep your best beach towels. I donate these to a local animal shelter as they use them as rags to clean up after the animals.

Create two piles, one to keep and one to donate. Then go through each towel to decide which you are keeping and which you are donating! Google “local animal shelters.” You will get a list of all the local animal shelters near you.

Rolled towels stored in tote from The Container Store to demonstrate towel storage ideas #beachtowels #towelstorage


The next effective towel storage idea is to roll your beach towels. They really do better when they are rolled because you can get them tighter, while folding can make them super puffy!

There are two ways you can roll the beach towels. First is to fold the beach towel in half the long way. Roll from the top down. This creates a longer rolled towel that works well in baskets with higher sides.

The second way to fold a beach towel is to fold it in thirds the long way. Then roll from the top down. This creates a bulkier roll but it isn’t as tall as the first folding method I shared.

tote with rolled beach towels next to back door to demonstrate towel storage ideas #towelstorage


Finally, it is time to contain all those beach towels. I keep mine in a Storage Tote Basket from The Container Store. I love this basket because I can keep the basket next to our back door so the kids can easily grab the towel before walking into the house. And it is easy to store once the season is over. This is my favorite towel storage idea because you can move them around without taking up much room in your home!

You can see that the beach towels are taking up less room in the storage tote basket than folded on the shelves because they are rolled! So much easier than trying to cram them into your linen closet!

Tote outside next to playground with rolled beach towels to demonstrate towel storage ideas #beachtowels

Curious about other ways you can use the Storage Tote Basket? Watch this video to see how the wonderful ladies at Practically Perfect use the basket!

The Organized Mama shopping at The Container Store for Tote for towel storage ideas
How To Shop The Container Store Like A Pro Towel Storage Ideas overlay with tote filled with beach towels and dog towel

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