My main goal for our master bedroom is to keep the space tranquil and clutter-free. I hate the feeling of being surrounded by “stuff” in a space where I am suppose to relax and sleep well. So we have made it our mission to keep our master bedroom decor and space clutter-free since I started our minimalist living journey.

In reality, the only clutter is that can pile up is laundry, and I can live with that. But, by not decorating our space with lots of stuff, and keeping things to a minimal, we have found tranquility in our master bedroom.

But after a few years of living with dark blue duvet covers, yellow accent colors, and no headboard, it was time for a refresh!

Effective Ways To Create Clutter-Free Master Bedroom Decor

This post is in promotional partnership with Linens and Hutch. I received bedding at a discounted rate in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. But I do have to say I am in love with their bedding!! Some links may contain affiliates.

Color Schemes

Everyone is different on what they want for bedrooms, but I am a firm believer in dark and warm colors for a bedroom. We went dark grey on the walls with Behr Carbon.

To bring in the warm, I went light with white curtains and furniture. Besides the fact that I love the deep contrast, I found that staying with neutrals on the walls and swapping out bedding/pillows/rugs, is easier than repainting the walls. This is a great way to live with less since you are investing in quality products and keeping a neutral color scheme while minimalist living.

Cozy Bedding

Every bedroom needs to start with cozy bedding. It is the easiest way to create a calming space! Plus, why would you want to clutter up a cozy bed?!?!

To create a cozy spot for me to catch some zzzz’s, I purchased all my bedding from Linens and Hutch. I decided on the Polkadot Patterned 3-piece duvet set in grey, along with the Square Quilted Coverlet in white. Then I added the Stippled Patterned 4-piece sheet set.

I love how all the patterns and pieces work so well together. You can mix and match patterns and color-combos, and they all look perfect together!

Plus, the bedding looks perfect next to these pillows from Living With Amanda. This quote is from our first dance song, so they are the perfect addition to the space!

To top that off, we got an upholstered headboard from Joss and Main. Pulling all the pieces together to create a comfortable and relaxing bed is totally motivation to keep the rest of the space calm and clutter-free!

1 year update: the Linen and Hutch sheets are still our favorite. They have lasted so well, with weekly washes, and are perfect for both hot and cold sleepers.

Favorite Pieces

I highly recommend to limit what you keep in the bedroom for minimalist living. Your nightstand should hold a lamp, clock, book, maybe a picture. But everything else doesn’t need to find its way beside the bed.

In order to limit what you keep, try only keeping your favorites in your room. If you don’t love it, move it to a different spot in your home. Your bedside lamps not working in the room? Try swapping out the lampshade for something that might work better.

Keep your favorite pictures in your room. Anything else, either swap out the picture, move it, or get rid of it! Making simple, yet clutter-reducing changes can make a huge impact for your master bedroom decor.

Everything Needs A Home

You’ve got your colors, cozy bedding, and only your favorite pieces, but how do you keep clutter from piling in the bedroom?? Give everything a home!

All your clothes should have a space that they belong… and no, the floor does not count!!

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Declutter Dresser Drawers

So clothes all have a home, but what about the rest of your stuff? Keep jewelry contained in a jewelry box or drawer. Papers piling up? Get them out of your room and into an office space. Need a dumping ground for that loose change? Use a tray to keep pocket things contained.

By giving everything a designated home, you are limiting the amount of clutter in your space.

Create clutter-free master bedroom decor by using calming colors, along with creating a cozy bed with comfy bedding. Only keep your favorite pieces in your bedroom, along with giving everything a home. By limiting what you keep in your bedroom, you are allowing yourself space to relax, unwind, and sleep better (science even says so)!!