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How To Organize A Beverage Fridge

Learn how to organize a beverage fridge using products from iDesign. From wine to beer to pop/soda, these tricks will help you stay organized

In our house, we have a basement fridge that holds all our extra drinks, along with a freezer that can hold frozen pizzas…because our freezer in our kitchen can’t. Seriously. Wasn’t even something we thought about because we just assumed a fridge and freezer would fit frozen pizzas, but that is not the case. So we have to have a fridge and freezer combo in our basement. The freezer is for storing all of our overflow items like extra foods we purchase. The fridge has turned into a beverage fridge. And it has been so nice because all the drinks don’t have to be stored in our kitchen fridge. So I am sharing how to organize a beverage fridge like a pro!

Think Like A Grocery

I found that lining up all the beverages like you would find at a grocery store is a great way to keep things organized. When you line up the drinks like beers, it makes the bottles easier to grab. Especially when everyone enjoys different types of drinks.

fridge with drinks lined in rows and organizers for wine

Use Beverage Organizers

Another way to organize a beverage fridge is to use beverage organizers! Yes there is such a thing! 

The beverage organizers are great as they come in a few sizes. The smaller size is perfect for your typical can size. 

I also love the bottle organizers as well. These are great as they keep the bottles easily accessible without having to worry about keeping everything lined up.

close up of beverage bottle organizers with lemonade bottles

Wine Holders Are Your Friend

One thing that isn’t great about using a regular fridge for chilling wine is there is no good way to store it. Yes, standing up is fine if you have room. Storing wine on the door isn’t the best option either as it is the only space in the fridge that has a flex temperature due to opening and closing of the door.

So using wine holders in the back corner of your fridge will help you keep your wines chilled without worrying about the height of the shelves in your fridge. 

close up of wine holders in beverage fridge

More Fridge Organization

You may want more fridge organizing tricks. These posts are all about organizing food in a fridge or freezer that will help you stay organized too!

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Shop My Beverage Fridge Favorites

Now I know this isn’t rocket science to organize a beverage fridge. But sometimes we just need that simple reminder that adjusting things may be all you need. When you keep it simple, you can get everything organized without the hassle. And these products are perfect if you are looking for ways to add more function to your beverages in your fridge!

beverage fridge pin

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