lining under bathroom sink with clorox easy liner
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Why You Should Use Shelf Liners Under Your Bathroom Sink

Do you line under your bathroom sink? I am sharing the reason you need to use shelf liner under your bathroom sink and how to do it easily!

It is no secret that I love using drawer liners to keep things in place my cabinets and drawers. And it is no secret that I find ways to decorate with shelf liners as well. But did you know that shelf liners can actually protect your cabinets? Seriously!! Shelf liners have many purposes, and protecting under bathroom sinks is probably the main reason I use them so much around my home and my clients’ homes.

Why You Should Use Shelf Liners Under Your Bathroom Sink

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Why Shelf Liner Saves Your Cabinets

Back when we did our kitchen renovation, the plumber who installed our garbage disposal was struggling. I didn’t pay much attention to it because it looked heavy and super awkward. Once it was installed, it worked so we thought we were all good. Well, fast forward a few weeks, and it is Thanksgiving. We have tons of dishes so our sink fills up quickly. With family helping wash dishes, we quickly found a giant leak in the bottom of the sink…at the exact spot the garbage disposal was connected. 

Needless to say, we used every dish towel, hand towel, and beach towel we owned to clean up that mess. But the one saving grace we had was that I lined under the sink cabinets with shelf liner. As we peeled the liner off the cabinets, we noticed they didn’t get wet, unless some of the water that pooled in the shelf liner go onto the cabinet as we were removing it.

lining under bathroom sink with clorox easy liner

How To Line Under The Bathroom Sink

Start by grabbing the Clorox brand Easy Liner. The reason I love the Clorox brand is because it is mold and mildew resistant. This is perfect for any area of your home that can get water, like under the bathroom sink!

For our bathroom, we have one rather long vanity. So I was able to use 2 rolls of this Clorox Easy Liner. Then I only had to cut a small bit off. I folded the liner over and cut on that line. I also have a video tutorial on my favorite ways to cut liners. You can watch that here.

Once both liners were down on the vanity, I can add my products to get things tidy.

Clorox Easy Liner under bathroom sink

Tidying Under The Bathroom Sink

After the shelf liner is laid down, you can add your items to get things tidy. I use turntables to hold bottles and stacking pantry bins to hold hair supplies. This way the items I use don’t slide around under the sink either because the shelf liner keeps everything in place with its grippy top.


Now I want you to grab shelf liner and get all of your vanities and cabinets lined with Clorox Easy Liner, so you never have to worry about warping due to water again!

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